Multiple uses for black cardboard

Black cardboard offers a variety of uses for businesses and consumers. The black colour gives it a classy and elegant look, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. As a recycled board, it is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Applications for black cardboard

Folding boxes: Folding boxes made of black cardboard are ideal for packaging all kinds of products. Whether jewellery, accessories or food - with the available sizes and the personalisable finish, each box can be customised to suit individual needs.

Shipping boxes: Thanks to their stability and tear resistance, black boxes are also ideal for shipping goods. Customers will be delighted with the classy appearance.

Envelopes: Black cardboard boxes are also a good choice as envelopes. They securely protect the documents and products inside and give a professional impression thanks to their colour.

Packaging for jewellery and accessories: Due to their noble appearance, black boxes are also excellent as packaging for jewellery and accessories. Customers will be delighted by the elegant look when they open the box.


Black cardboard offers a variety of uses for businesses and consumers. Whether as a folding box, shipping box, envelope or packaging for jewellery and accessories, black cardboard is an ideal choice for many needs. With its classy appearance and stability and tear resistance, black cardboard is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for many packaging needs.

A suitable black box for every purpose

Black boxes are versatile and offer the right solution for every purpose. Whether as packaging for products, as a shipping box or for storing things - black boxes are a practical and reliable utensil.

Made from high-quality cardboard, they offer stability and tear resistance. The black colour gives the boxes an elegant look and a professional impression. The variety of boxes in black means that the right box is available for almost every need.

For the seller, black boxes offer an excellent opportunity to package products attractively and give the customer a positive first impression. For private use, too, for example for storing jewellery or accessories, black boxes are a good choice.

Besides their functionality, black boxes also impress with their ability to be refined. Whether through printing, embossing or other surface coatings - there are many ways to customise and design the boxes.

Overall, black boxes offer a wide range of options for packaging, storage and shipping. Their durability and appearance make them a great choice for businesses and consumers alike.

What are the benefits of black cardboard packaging?

Black cardboard packaging offers many benefits for businesses and consumers. They give products a classy look and provide a professional first impression to customers. They also provide a robust and stable packaging solution for a variety of products, including accessories, jewellery and food. The packs are made from high quality materials and offer high tear resistance to ensure that goods arrive safely upon delivery.

A wide range of sizes and colours are available to suit any purpose. There are also different packaging options available, including cardboard boxes, folding boxes and shipping boxes. Each package has its own dimensions and features, making it possible to find the perfect solution for the product in question.

Black cardboard packaging is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recyclable cardboard. There is also the option to personalise the packaging with a finish such as printing or embossing.

Overall, black cardboard packaging offers a classy and practical solution for businesses looking for a high-quality packaging solution.

Gift boxes in black - give in style

Gifts bring joy, but the packaging also plays a big role. With black gift boxes, you show style and elegance with your presents. Whether you want to wrap precious jewellery, accessories or other small gifts, a black gift box is always appropriate. The boxes are available in different sizes and materials, such as kraft cardboard or natural cardboard, so you can find the right packaging for every product.

The design can also be personalised, with finishes such as print or embossing. A high-quality look and feel are guaranteed. Give in style and show elegance with black gift boxes.

Finishings for folding boxes made of black cardboard

Finishings are a great way to enhance your folding boxes made from black cardboard and give them a special touch. Whether it's for a special event or shipping your products, a finished folding box in black cardboard is an eye-catcher that attracts attention and makes an impressive first impression.

A variety of finishing options are available, such as. printing with your logo or a special message, a glossy or matt surface coating or a embossing. There's plenty of choice to customise your product packaging to suit your customers' needs and purpose.

The black boxes are made from tough and durable material, making them a great choice for packaging your products. In addition, they offer excellent tear resistance and stability to ensure your goods arrive safely during shipping and delivery.

Available in a variety of sizes, dimensions and colours, you can choose the perfect folding box for your needs. Whether you're looking for a small box for small items or a large box for larger products, the options are endless.

Give your products that certain something with a refined folding box made of black cardboard. Browse our range and discover the variety of options we have in store for you. Convince yourself of the feel and look of our folding boxes and make your next order a real eye-catcher.

Impressions for Folding Box Board Black

Full-surface printing

Full-surface printing for your packaging - with full-surface printing you can print folding box board white black. This can be useful for certain applications to save costs. You can also achieve a unique impression on your customers with high-quality full-surface printing.

We offer a wide range of colours and sizes to give your packaging an individual touch. Our printing methods are designed to the highest quality standard to ensure a superior look and feel. Full-surface printing allows your logo, brand or designs to be showcased to best effect e.g. print cut-outs on white cardboard.

With us, you have the option of adding a finish such as lamination or embossing to your packaging on request to achieve a special feel and look. We are always available for questions and information. Contact us to finish your packaging with full-surface printing and package your products optimally.

Free format choice of black folding cardboard boxes

The freedom to choose the format of theblack folding cardboard box offers the possibility to optimally adapt the packaging to the size and shape of the product. A perfect fit ensures good protection of the product during shipping and an appealing first impression to the customer. Different sizes are available to meet the needs of different industries and products. In addition, the height of the box can also be adjusted to accommodate a larger quantity of goods. This freedom in format choice makes it possible to create a unique packaging solution that is both functional and visually appealing.

Which print finishes set the scene for black packaging?

Black packaging can be beautifully highlighted by the following print finishes:

  • spot varnishing

  • embossing

  • White print

These finishes can be applied to the surface of the packaging to create a special look and feel. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose from a variety of print finishes to make your black packaging truly eye-catching.

Folding box board in black colour - The perfect packaging solution

Boxes, folding boxes, cardboard packaging - all these terms stand for the packaging and shipping of products. An important aspect here is the appearance, but stability and tear resistance are also of great importance. The folding box board in black colour offers exactly that - a practical packaging solution that convinces with its colour and material quality.

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