Foil embossing directly from the manufacturer

Hot foil stamping uses heat and pressure to transfer coloured or metallic pigments to the cardboard via an embossing die.
In particular, metallic tones such as gold and silver thus achieve a much more metallic effect than in offset printing, for example. Thus, a gold or silver actually appears like gold or silver and not gold- or silver-coloured as in offset printing, for example. On open-pored materials such as fine cardboard or kraft cardboard, foil embossing produces particularly expressive effects.

Also, counterfeit protection can be significantly increased, especially in conjunction with engraving techniques.

Because embossing foil printing does not involve the application of a plastic film but a lacquer package, the finishing has no effect on the recyclability.

Hot foil stamping cardboard: Individual folding boxes from the manufacturer

Do you need something a little more classy? Then hot foil stamping on cardboard is made for you. Give your shipping containers an exclusive design and match them to the class of your products. Best of all: At Ebro Color, you receive an individual offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Order your folding boxes now directly from the manufacturer.

Hot foil stamping on cardboard makes the difference

Edited folding cartons help you with branding and thus contribute enormously to success, especially in the mail order business. The choice is yours: do you go for normal printing processes - or do you opt for hot foil stamping on cardboard and give your shipping containers that certain something?

The hot foil stamping on cardboard makes all the difference.

Hot foil stamping on cardboard involves pressing thin layers of foil onto a surface using heat and pressure. This printing technique is often used for certificates and business cards. But this type of finishing has also become established for shipping containers. Your customers will feel the result in their fingers. But the look is also convincing. Especially gold and silver foil get an inimitable shine that radiates high quality.

Hot foil stamping on cardboard was invented in Berlin at the end of the 19th century. To this day, it is considered the ideal means of producing particularly elegant packaging. Applied gold and silver foil looks good on dark surfaces. At Ebro Color, you can get your folding boxes in your individual style.

Various cardboard boxes for shipping with class

Boxes finished with hot foil stamping on cardboard have proven their worth in the mail order business. Your boxes stand out in retail with end customers and give your products a special shine. Thanks to professionally finished cardboard boxes, the special shopping experience does not end with the order. Unpacking also becomes an experience. Your customers will recognise the packages from afar and henceforth always associate your brand with unique quality.

You can rely on a special result with hot foil stamping on cardboard. Your individual imprint will always appear in the best light. High-quality finished folding cartons play a decisive role in establishing your brand. This is the easiest way for you to stand out from the competition.

Our folding boxes are ideal for professionalising your mailing. They can be stored in a space-saving way and prepared for packaging your products in a few simple steps. The exceptional stability, the noble look and a feel that differs from ordinary shipping boxes distinguish our products.

Individual packaging solutions for your brand

With Ebro Color, you order shipping containers finished with hot foil stamping on cardboard directly from the manufacturer. This not only saves you the money for the middleman. You also ensure that your wishes are implemented with pinpoint accuracy - and at record speed.

We offer you packaging in your desired size so that it is particularly space-saving and ideally suited to your goods. If you are unsure whether hot foil stamping on cardboard is right for you, we will be happy to supply you with a sample. We always tailor our offers exactly to the needs of our customers. Since production and finishing come from a single source at Ebro Color, you enjoy the highest degree of flexibility.

Sustainable cardboard, noble printing and direct contact partners - these are your advantages at Ebro Color. Contact us for your individual offer and bring your shipping to a high level!

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