UV screen print

Don't spill it, make it count! That is the motto of colour screen printing. Due to the high layer thickness, opaque colours such as white or Pantone colours can be applied very brilliantly to tinted cardboard. Even effect varnishes such as mirror silver, glitter silver or rainbow glitter can only be realised with screen printing. The layer thickness is so high that you can feel it.

UV screen printed folding boxes look classy

How can products actually be packaged in a high-quality yet cost-effective way? Many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question and the answer is simple but ingenious. In smart folding cartons! If you decide to use folding boxes, you can even have them printed by us. It couldn't be simpler. But which print should it actually be for you? We can recommend UV screen printing folding boxes. Brilliant results are achieved with colour screen printing and the UV screen printed folding boxes can be used for a wide variety of occasions.

What are the characteristics of UV screen printing?

When you buy UV screen printed folding boxes from us, you are making the right choice. The secret of the beautiful appearance lies in the special printing process. The colours are applied with a high layer thickness. This not only makes them look rich and vibrant, but also allows certain effects to be realised. How about a glitter look? Due to the high layer thickness, the colours can even be made perceptible. The UV screen printing gives the packaging a particularly noble touch and further emphasises the high quality. In addition, all kinds of customer wishes can be realised due to the effects achieved. But what should your UV screen printed folding boxes actually look like and what purpose should they fulfil?

The occasions are manifold

You still don't know exactly for which purpose the UV screen printed folding boxes are suitable? There are many possible uses here. How about using them as a promotional gift? Customers are very demanding and want their goods to be packaged particularly well. The UV screen printed folding boxes meet these requirements without any problems. Especially as packaging for promotional gifts, the UV screen printing packaging is often used. You can design the UV screen printed folding boxes according to your own wishes. Why not immortalise a funny saying on the boxes or opt for an unforgettable motif? Of course, you can also choose the classic way and decorate the UV screen printed boxes with your company's logo or slogan. Your customers and business partners will definitely appreciate the quality. In addition, the UV screen printed folding boxes take up very little storage space. They are folded to a minimum of their actual size for shipping.

Best quality from Germany

With UV screen printed folding boxes you are choosing an outstanding product "Made in Germany". We work without middlemen, which is why you receive the UV screen printing boxes directly from the manufacturer. In addition, by ordering you are making a significant contribution to environmental protection. Many gift boxes are made of plastic and leave a questionable footprint. We take a completely different approach here. Our UV screen printed packaging is made from 100% recycled fibres. An old product is thus turned into a new one. This is exactly what environmental protection should look like and it has no influence on the quality of our UV screen printed folding boxes. Quite the opposite, in fact, because the UV screen-printed boxes are extremely robust despite their outstanding appearance.

Information expressly permitted

You are not sure which UV screen printed folding boxes you need? Then simply get in touch with us. Our expert staff will give you comprehensive advice on the individual products and you will definitely find exactly the UV screen printing boxes that are best suited to your intended purpose. Trust in our products from Germany and rely on sophisticated packaging solutions. The UV screen printing packaging leaves no questions unanswered and is convincing in all respects.

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