UV offset print

UV offset printing is always used by us when opaque white is to be printed on e.g. solid-coloured cardboard, recycled cardboard, kraft cardboard, grass cardboard or similar. White printing on tinted cardboard immediately catches the eye and is perceived by the viewer as something special. 

It is also worth highlighting the wide variety of materials that can be printed on using UV offset printing. For example, silver-laminated cardboard can also be printed with high colour intensity.

We will be happy to send you samples on this subject on request.

UV offset print: brilliant colours on every carton

UV offset print for folding cartons has become indispensable in the world of packaging materials. Radiant colours that stand out clearly even on tinted board are a real eye-catcher. Opaque white and other colours are only possible in high quality by UV offset printing on cardboard. Discover the wide variety of packaging, folding boxes and materials that we print for you using the UV offset process: high-quality, individual and at attractive conditions.

What is the difference between UV offset printing on packaging and normal offset printing?

The main difference between conventional offset printing and UV offset printing on folding boxes is the way the inks dry. In conventional offset printing, the ink dries in the air. UV offset printing on cardboard and other materials, on the other hand, uses special UV-reactive inks that are cured under UV light directly after printing. This has several advantages. For UV offset printing on folding boxes and packaging materials, the opaque character of the ink and the gloss produced during curing are particularly important.

Whether the base material is recycled grey or dyed: UV offset printing is used to print glossy colours on cardboard. UV offset printed folding boxes are therefore not only the more attractive alternative in shops. They also give your customers a feeling of value and quality to take home with them.

Individual UV offset printing for your packaging

Whether you want to have UV offset printed folding boxes in the standard CMYK colours or need an individual Pantone, HKS or RAL shade: We are your contact. We can also offer you a wide range of differently coloured cardboard boxes as printing material. We are also happy to provide you with these as samples. This way you can better decide on which basis you would like to have your UV offset printed folding boxes produced.

UV offset printing can be used to add a wide variety of information to packaging. From large-scale logo printing to a repeating pattern to small printed ingredient lists on food boxes. UV offset printing is versatile and offers excellent colour quality as well as very high and therefore accurate print resolution.

Various UV offset printing folding boxes

Take a look around our shop. All packaging materials offered can also be ordered as UV offset printed folding boxes. Whether it's an individual take-away box for fast food restaurants or a high-quality folding box: UV offset printed folding boxes are as versatile as the products they protect

If you cannot find your desired packaging in our range, you have the option of contacting us directly. In many cases, we can customise your packaging or suggest an attractive alternative.

By the way, you can also contact us directly.

By the way: Most of our UV offset printed folding boxes can already be ordered from a quantity of 100 copies. This makes them attractive even for exclusive products and smaller companies.

Personal consultation

You are still not quite sure whether UV offset printing is the optimal printing process for your folding boxes? Of course, we are also happy to advise you individually and personally on all our offered product variants. Because with normal offset printing, digital printing and UV screen printing, we offer a whole range of other exciting printing processes that have different advantages. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our friendly and competent team looks forward to getting to know you.

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