Plastic-free barrier board packaging direct from the manufacturer

Packaging made from the plastic-free dispersion barrier carton helps reduce plastic in end-uses that require a medium grease and moisture barrier.

The carton is more recyclable than paper and cardboard because it is plastic-free; it is also biodegradable and compostable.

You get perfect packaging for the environmentally friendly circular economy of the future.

Packaging made from barrier board plastic-free

The packaging of the future is renewable and recyclable

Climate change and plastic waste pose a serious threat to life on Earth. Globally, only 16% of waste is recycled. A truckload of plastic entered the oceans every minute!

Despite this, packaging is necessary for distribution, food safety, and food waste prevention.

Therefore, the packaging of the future must be renewable and recyclable: Ebro Color's plastic-free barrier carton offers a solution especially for food packaging.

Acting environmentally friendly now with the plastic-free barrier carton

Every decision we make in our lives COUNTS. Choose the eco-friendly and plastic-free barrier carton now

Doing the right thing is now easier than ever: a dispersion barrier-coated carton helps reduce plastic and can be recycled or composted in paper or cardboard streams.

The advantages of the barrier carton for are obvious: environmentally friendly packaging

Packaging Helps Reduce Plastic

Folding cartons made of dispersion barrier paperboard help reduce plastic in end-uses that require a medium grease and moisture barrier

Boxes - Recyclable as Paper or Cardboard

Boxes made from plastic-free barrier board may be disposed of as paper or cardboard - over 80% of which is already recycled in Europe.

Biodegradable and compostable packaging

Packaging is biodegradable and compostable in industrial, household and garden applications

Packaging is Stable and Protects Food

Packaging made from the lightweight dispersion barrier board creates unique opportunities for sustainability by increasing yields and protecting food.

Packaging Safe in Direct Food Contact

The barrier carton plastic-free is made of pure and 100% traceable virgin fibers without fluorochemicals or optical brighteners. As a result, the carton is suitable for direct food contact worldwide

Printing on packaging with food-safe ink

We print with food grade ink on the barrier cardboard plastic free, which is without optical brightener. Food packaging can be printed with the ink in excellent quality. The look is attractive and high print quality is achieved. Moreover, it is even possible to print the reverse side with eco-barrier. This allows additional branding possibilities.

End-use applications for high-quality packaging with barrier properties

Foodservice packaging plastic-free

  • Packages fries and other takeaway food
  • Burger boxes
  • Nuggets boxes

Plastic-free packaging for fresh food

  • Cardboard salad bowls
  • Sandwich boxes
  • Sushi boxes
  • Donuts boxes
  • Cake boxes
  • Baked goods boxes
  • Vegetable boxes
  • Fruit trays
  • Berry boxes

Plastic-free packaging for dry food

  • Muesli and cereal box
  • Environmentally friendly box for cookies
  • Chocolate box
  • Environmentally friendly candy box

Other applications for eco-friendly plastic free packaging

  • Plastic-free soap box
  • Plastic free folding box for greasy products
  • Environmentally friendly packaging for frozen products: suitable for chilled and frozen food

The future of packaging is plastic-free

Decide now for the plastic-free future of packaging and send us a request. We'd love to help you generate a better brand experience with less environmental impact.

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