Lasercut and laser engraving directly from the manufacturer

Ebro Color offers high-precision laser cutting and laser engraving services. Using advanced technology, the company enables exceptional and customised designs for packaging. Laser cutting and engraving gives your products a unique and high-quality touch.

Laser cutting: Precision and versatility

Laser cutting, a process known for its precision and versatility, makes it possible to precisely realise complex patterns and designs in paper or cardboard. This technique is particularly advantageous for the production of high-quality packaging. Laser cutting can create unique and eye-catching appearances. It allows the realisation of designs that would be unthinkable using traditional methods.

Laser engraving: a touch of exclusivity

Laser engraving is an impressive technique that gives print products a touch of exclusivity. Customised patterns or text can be burned into the material, creating a lasting and elegant effect. This technique is ideal for personalised items such as high-quality folding boxes or specially designed packaging that need to be unique in every respect. Ebro Color uses this technology to create products that will be remembered.

Application areas and advantages

The areas of application for laser technology in print finishing are diverse.From the creation of eye-catching packaging to the production of detailed folding boxes and cardboard packaging, this technology offers unrivalled benefits.With the ability to create precise, customised and high-quality designs, companies can present their products in a whole new light.

Start your packaging innovation with Ebro Colour

Discover the world of innovative packaging solutions with Ebro Colour. Contact us to find out more about our customised laser cutting and engraving techniques. Let's work together to make your products shine with unique, high-quality packaging

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