Suitcases directly from the manufacturer

Ebro Color produces cardboard cases from high-quality cardboard that is both durable and recyclable. Using the latest printing technologies, we offer a wide range of personalisation options that perfectly showcase your brand.

Customised suitcases

Ebro Color understands that every company has unique needs. That's why Ebro Color offers customised suitcases that are tailored to your specific requirements. Choose the size, shape, material and design to optimally present and protect your products and documents.

Suitcases in standard sizes from the webshop

Visit our webshop to choose from a selection of standard sizes for suitcases that are immediately available. These cases are ideal for customers who need a quick and easy packaging solution and still want to benefit from our high quality.

Possible uses for suitcases

Suitcases are extremely versatile and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from storing and transporting documents to being used as an effective marketing tool at trade fairs and events. They are also an excellent choice for educational projects and creative crafts.

For promotional purposes

With customisable surfaces, suitcases offer an excellent way to advertise your company or product. They can be printed with logos, company colours or advertising messages, making them an effective marketing tool, especially at events and trade fairs.

Storage and organisation

Suitcases are also suitable for storing documents, samples or other important documents. They help to keep the workplace organised and ensure that important materials are safe and protected.

Educational and craft projects

Suitcases can be used in schools and kindergartens for educational and craft projects. They are safe for children, lightweight and can be easily painted or labelled to create individual works of art.

Product presentations

A high-quality suitcase can present products in an elegant way. This is particularly useful for start-ups or designers who want to exhibit their products at trade fairs or in boutiques.

Suitcases from Ebro Color

Ebro Color offers a comprehensive range of suitcases known for their versatility, customisability and environmentally friendly materials. Whether customised or standardised, the suitcases are the ideal choice for companies that value quality, individuality and sustainability.

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