Why paper handbags are an environmentally friendly packaging option

Paper handbags are not only a stylish alternative to traditional handbags, but also make an excellent eco-friendly packaging solution. They are made from paper or cardboard, making them environmentally friendly rather than plastic. Therefore, they are a good choice for businesses that value sustainability and want to make their packaging options more eco-friendly.

Various uses of paper handbags as packaging

There are various ways to design paper handbags. Folding boxes can be made in different sizes. Cardboard folding boxes and cartons can be stored in a space-saving manner and can be easily unfolded when needed to form a practical and stylish paper handbag.

Design possibilities of paper handbags as brand ambassadors

Paper handbags as a packaging solution also offer many design possibilities. The boxes and bags can be printed and decorated to reinforce the brand image or add a personalised touch to the product. Companies can thus personalise their packaging in an environmentally friendly way and show their customers that they take sustainability seriously.

Practical advantages of paper handbags as packaging

Paper handbags are also an ideal packaging solution for gifts. The boxes can be used stylishly and sustainably as gift packaging. Companies can present their products in this way and at the same time demonstrate their environmental responsibility.

Paper handbag made from different types of cardboard

The paper handbag can be made from different types of cardboard. Using different types of cardboard gives the bags a unique design and structure.

Why paper handbags are a sustainable and stylish packaging solution

Paper handbags as a packaging solution are a perfect combination of style and sustainability. They offer businesses the opportunity to improve their packaging options in an ecological way without sacrificing stylish design and functionality. Paper handbags are a beautiful eco-friendly paper packaging that stands out with its design and shape.

Paper handbags in various standard sizes in the online shop

A woman's best friend is her handbag and now it's also available in paper. The handbag from Ebro Color is 100% made of paper. The paper handbag, ideal as product or gift packaging, is now available in our online shop in various standard sizes. Without fabric or leather, the paper handbag is a real eye-catcher. It offers a simple and environmentally conscious packaging option. Simple, practical and environmentally friendly - perfect for any occasion.

What are paper handbags and what are they used for?

The folding boxes are made entirely of cardboard and come with carrying handles. Their external appearance is similar to that of a handbag. This type of packaging is popular for high-quality cosmetics, sweets, give-aways, promotional items, promotions or as gift packaging for products. In addition, the paper handbag is ideal as an advertising medium on which you can have your advertising message, company name or logo printed. In their original state, paper handbags are white, without print. Printed patterns and designs are also particularly beautiful on this form.

Which assortment can you find in the online shop?

In the online shop you can order paper handbags in 3 different sizes: M (217x98x144 mm), L (262 x 118 x 174 mm) and XL (296x145x197 mm), offering plenty of space for special products.

What conditions does the online shop offer?

The minimum order quantity for Paper handbags is 1 piece. Printing is also done via the online shop. To do this, you can select one of the templates on the online shop website and customise the paper handbags with your company or brand name or logo, or you can upload your own print template from your computer. On the website of the online shop you will also find the price list. Depending on the size of your order, you will receive a quantity discount. The production time is also indicated there. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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