Printed pillow boxes directly from the manufacturer

The striking shape of the pillow boxes offers an aesthetic eye-catcher. These pillow-shaped boxes are inexpensive and easy to close. The required dimensions of the cushion box are somewhat difficult to determine due to the curved shape. It is therefore highly recommended that you first request a free sample of a cushion box in your desired dimensions and test its usability.

Pillow boxes - order pillow boxes directly from the manufacturer

Among the packaging options, pillow boxes are a very special eye-catcher. These folding boxes are characterised by their characteristic shape and high stability. The elliptical, pillow-shaped packaging is usually made from only one sheet of cardboard and manages with a single glued seam. This makes the box versatile for both gifts and product packaging. At the same time, pillow boxes not only look elegant, but can also be customised to your individual wishes.

Pillow boxes - little material, many uses

Thanks to their high-quality, tear-resistant cardboard material, pillow boxes, whether printed or unprinted, are ideal for packaging small or somewhat larger gifts. At the same time, the curved shape of the pillow boxes provides more space on the surface - for example, to customise the packaging with logos, designs or greetings. In this way, pillow boxes can also be used favourably for branding.

Packaging for promotional gifts

This makes pillow boxes the perfect packaging for promotional gifts. They are inexpensive and visually appealing. Compared to cuboid folding boxes, pillow boxes offer a large surface area to print a motif in a highly visible way. With an extensive range of sizes for pillow boxes, it hardly even matters what you're giving away: whether it's T-shirts, sweets or free samples - there's something to suit every product in our range of pillow boxes to buy.

Pillow boxes as product packaging

Pillow boxes are particularly suitable as product packaging for small items such as electrical components, medicines or cosmetics. Due to their special box shape, they offer additional protection to the contents by cushioning the box against pressure and impact. At the same time, this shape ensures that pillow boxes fit comfortably in the hand. This also makes the box ideal as secondary packaging for food products when they are intended to be consumed on the go.

More than just packaging - pillow boxes as window dressing

Pillow boxes are also very popular as window dressing. With their eye-catching shape, printed pillow boxes are ideally suited as display stands to present logos or brand messages and convey a high-quality impression.

Assemble and fill pillow boxes - it's that easy!

Furthermore, pillow boxes are characterised by their simple, space-saving construction. This makes it possible to transport and store pillow boxes in flat form. The pillow boxes do not need to be additionally glued for use, as the convex shape is kept stable by the tension of the folded-in flaps.

Correspondingly, fixing and filling the pillow boxes can also be automated cheaply and efficiently. However, it is just as easy to fix and fill them manually. To do this, press the folded edges together a little and pull the bag open to create an elliptical tube shape. Then fold the tuck-in flaps inwards on one side. We recommend folding the fingerhole flap inwards first to make it easier to open later.

Now you can fill the pillow boxes as you wish and close them on the other side in the same way - the closures at both ends are identical. For fragile items, we recommend protecting the contents with a filling material such as bubble wrap or wrapping paper. The pillow boxes are kept in shape and closed by the tension of the flaps. However, if necessary, you can seal the flaps at one end or both with some tape to prevent unwanted opening.

The right size: How to find out if your pillow boxes are big enough

We supply pillow boxes in small and large sizes to suit your requirements. However, when determining the right size, it is important to consider the shape of the contents: Square items in particular lie quite inefficiently in elliptical packaging, which is why pillow boxes can turn out too small in this case - even if the dimensions should theoretically be sufficient. At the same time, you can confidently order pillow boxes of a smaller design for round or flat items.

It is therefore advisable to request a sample in advance. This way you can test whether the pillow boxes are large enough for your intended use. Of course, we are prepared to offer this to you free of charge - just ask for a sample in the desired dimensions.

Individually designed pillow boxes for all purposes and occasions

Depending on the purpose, pillow boxes are available in small and large formats and numerous variations. You have the option of ordering pillow boxes from us printed or unprinted in various designs and materials. If desired, there is also the option of additional finishing - for example, foil stamping.

Custom-made pillow boxes

For food packaging, for example, pillow boxes that are half-open on one side are favourable. The single flap on the open side serves as a coaster and prevents food such as sandwiches and pastries from breaking off or toppings and fillings from ending up on the floor.

We also offer custom pillow boxes.

We also offer pillow boxes made of solid-coloured cardboard. These make particularly good gift packaging for giveaways as well as for guest or promotional gifts. We offer a wide range of colours for your pillow boxes - with 24 different colour options, you'll find the right one for every occasion.

Pillow boxes - printed with modern processes

In addition, it is possible to get pillow boxes printed or in white. In addition to the front and back of the pillow boxes, there is also the option of having the closure flaps printed. This way you can give the customer a special surprise when they unpack - for example with a thank you message on the hidden flap or a voucher code for your online offer.

When it comes to printing pillow boxes, we rely on high-quality processes and state-of-the-art technology. As a rule, we print digitally or with the offset process. The latter offers similar quality to digital processes, but is particularly profitable when pillow boxes are to be printed in large quantities. If you would like a specific process, just let us know - we will be happy to implement your wishes for you!

Pillow boxes for high demands and special occasions

For a particularly high-quality look, we recommend the screen printing process, which can be used to print pillow boxes and add abstract designs and logos. In combination with coloured cardboard and further finishing options such as foil stamping, this variant is particularly well suited for noble gift ideas. We also offer other finishing options such as white printing, spot varnish and foil lamination - just ask for them when you buy pillow boxes from us!

Order pillow boxes at low prices from Ebro Color

You want to buy a large number of pillow boxes - for an event or an advertising campaign, for example? Then you should not save in the wrong place! With us, you can get pillow boxes directly from the manufacturer, without having to make costly detours via middlemen. We will gladly provide you with a free sample in advance so that you can personally convince yourself of the quality and suitability of our products within 48 hours. After all, you want to buy pillow boxes - and not a pig in a poke. Simply get in touch for advice and a non-binding offer.

Possible uses of the pillow boxes

The cushion box is also often used as product packaging due to its beautiful shape. However, it should be noted that pillow boxes are somewhat less efficient to ship than cuboid boxes due to their curvature on both sides.

It must also be remembered that pillow boxes require an additional display to hold them in place if they are to be placed on the retail shelf.

Pillow boxes are commonly used as: Promotional gift packaging,T-shirt packaging, Gift packaging, Give away packaging, Catering packaging e.g. Pizza packaging, Apple pockets, Sandwich packaging

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