Printed paper banderoles direct from the manufacturer

Customised cardboard banderoles serve as effective brand ambassadors and information sources, clearly highlighting products. They are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials and can be printed with food-safe ink. They are ideal for use in the food sector, textile industry and beyond. In addition, banderoles enable a resource-saving packaging solution that significantly reduces material use and environmental impact.

Diversity and excellence in paper banderoles

Paper banderoles function as much more than simple packaging elements. They act as brand ambassadors, a source of information and a visual highlight that sets a product apart from the crowd. Ebro Color is your reliable partner of customised banderoles that are not only robust and aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally conscious.

Application food sector, the textile industry and more

Ebro Color offers paper banderoles that are printed with food-safe ink and are ideal for food labelling. They also provide ample space for product information and legally required details. But not only food can be packed with banderoles but also textiles such as towels or bathrobes. Banderoles from Ebro Color serve as efficient packaging solutions. Various closure mechanisms such as adhesive strips or adhesive dots can be used to close the banderoles securely and attractively. Other products from books to trade fair articles can be packaged attractively and environmentally friendly with banderoles. Ebro Color offers individual solutions for a wide range of industries and products.

Key features of the banderoles

Ebro Color relies on durable and robust cardboard materials. In addition, various finishing options such as embossing or special colour shades are available. Ebro Color enables the individual adaptation of dimensions and formats to suit the respective products. Ebro Color enables the individual design of cardboard sleeves, where customers can fully live out their creative freedom. Ebro Color places particular emphasis on the quality of the banderoles, which serve as both a marketing tool and a protective function. Whether it is a start-up or an established company, Ebro Color has the right solution on offer for every need.

Sustainability of paper banding

Ebro Color places great emphasis on sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled to produce its banderoles. This is an essential step in minimising the environmental footprint of the company and its customers. Unlike many conventional packaging solutions, which require a complete wrapping of the product, banderoles use a minimal amount of material. They usually consist of a narrow strip of cardboard or paper, which significantly reduces material consumption. The use of banderoles not only leads to lower material and energy consumption in production, but also reduces transport costs and the associated CO2 emissions. This increase in efficiency benefits both the company and the environment and is a win-win situation that combines sustainability and operational efficiency.

Multi-faceted, high-quality banderole from Ebro Color

Banderoles from Ebro Color are an excellent choice for companies looking for a versatile, high-quality and sustainable packaging solution. With various applications, from food to textiles, Ebro Color offers tailor-made solutions for every need. For more information, please contact Ebro Color.

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