Fefco 0201 - the standard in shipping directly from the manufacturer

It's the standard when it comes to shipping large and heavy contents - we're talking about our standard folding boxes with centre-joining outer flaps. If you are looking for packaging for large contents in your online shop, you have found your solution here.

We manufacture our cardboard boxes from corrugated cardboard, which means that the centre layer of the boxes is in a corrugated shape. At Ebro Color you order directly from the manufacturer, so that an individual design is also possible. Due to the corrugated cardboard in the middle layer, the cardboard remains stable with relatively low material usage even if you need large dimensions.

Secure closure - high quality

Unlike our other folding cartons, the standard Fefco0201 carton is closed with adhesive tape.

With this product, it is the quality of the cardboard that matters most - we rely on the consistent use of waste paper when it comes to cardboard products. Nevertheless, your goods are excellently protected at all times and even in every size.

Individual sizes - individual patterns

Our boxes are the standard when it comes to professional mailing. Since you buy directly from the manufacturer, we can print your boxes individually - recognition factor guaranteed. Above all, however, we offer individual box sizes that we can supply without additional tooling costs. We are also happy to advise you on the right size for your goods. Let us have a sample of your items, then we can also adapt the interior to your parts. This way, your products will arrive safely at your customers. So whether you want to ship a lot of parts or just one part at a time, our website makes it easy for you to find the right options. There's the right one for your use, too.

Whether you need a fancy feel for your boxes through a special film or whether you want to maintain your corporate design through your individual logo - we are also able to fulfil such wishes quite easily.

Your individual offer

With us you have the choice - free sampling within a short time or you request an individual offer. To do this, simply tell us the measurement you need and which items you would like to send by parcel. We will also be happy to advise you, as we have the years of experience in this field and tailor our offers entirely to your shipping needs.

Your search for a manufacturer who can also pack your contents in large numbers and always in the right size has finally found a solution. With individual box sizes, we offer you many options in shipping. There is sure to be the right size for you. By placing your order directly with the manufacturer, we are also able to respond at short notice. Just browse our website or contact us directly contact.

Possible uses of the corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are often used for packaging large and heavy contents.

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