Printed sales displays directly from the manufacturer

Our sales displays are two-part cardboard displays made of presentation cardboard and advertising back panel.

The double-folded front and side walls result in a very visually appealing top edge of the cardboard container.

The edge slopes down towards the front so that the products can be seen nicely from both the front and the side.

The POS sales displays can increase sales


When a company manufactures products, it also wants to sell them to the customers. In order for sales to happen, the products should be presented in an appealing way. After all, the customer needs to be made aware of them. This is not only important for new products on the market, classics can also be presented in this way. Do you sell your products in the highly competitive retail trade? Then you should rely on POS sales displays. With our sales displays POS you will stand out from the crowd and the sales displays will put your product in the right light.

Design the sales displays POS yourself


The POS display is mostly located in places that customers like to walk up to. In the future, this point of sale will have it all, because you can design the advertising display yourself with us. This means that you can easily realise your design wishes with the cardboard sales displays. The cardboard sales displays are also very light and can be assembled quickly. They take up very little storage space because the POS sales displays can be folded to a minimum of their actual size. There are no limits to the design of the sales displays. Which colour should your sales displays have and which design should be realised on the sales displays POS? You purchase your sales displays from the manufacturer, which means that long delivery routes and middlemen are completely eliminated. If you would like to buy sales displays, then you have come to the right place.

The POS sales displays are always environmentally friendly


By ordering POS sales displays from the manufacturer, you are choosing an environmentally friendly product. The sales displays are made of cardboard and are in no way inferior to the competition made of plastic. As a manufacturer of sales displays, we produce entirely in Germany. When you buy our sales displays, you are relying on quality "Made in Germany". When the sales displays are printed, they become an eye-catcher in every shop. The goods are presented to the customers ready to hand and, thanks to the POS sales displays, attractively staged.

Which design do you prefer for the POS sales displays?

With us, you have the option of designing your POS sales displays yourself. But how would you like to finish the cardboard sales displays? First of all, the choice of the basic colour is important. This should match the product and make the cardboard sales displays highly visible. Then it's time for the finishing touches. Would you like to have a logo applied to the sales displays? What information about the product should not be missing? In the end, everything should look coherent so that the customer knows immediately which product he is choosing. Once the sales displays are printed, the product goes directly into the shipping department and will soon arrive at your premises. As a sales display manufacturer, we can guarantee the best quality and enormous robustness. You will enjoy your self-designed sales displays POS for a long time.

Buy your sales displays online

Ordering your sales displays from us is as easy as can be and can be done completely online. Before the sales displays are printed, you first select the appropriate cardboard sales displays. Now you determine the quantity of POS displays. Then you determine the colour of the POS displays and upload the desired print file from your stock. The order can then be completed and the cardboard sales displays will soon be delivered to you. This does not only sound easy in theory, we will show you that it also works in practice. If you have any questions about our POS sales displays, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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