Folding boxes with Braille embossing directly from the manufacturer

Ebro Color manufactures high-quality folding boxes with Braille embossing, specially designed for the needs of visually impaired people. This embossing allows for tactile perception of packaging information. Customers receive a solution that offers the highest quality standards and accessibility.

Braille embossing on folding boxes

Braille embossing on folding boxes is a special finishing offered by Ebro Color to make packaging accessible. This embossing allows visually impaired people to tactilely perceive important information on the packaging. The Braille embossing is integrated directly into the surface of the folding boxes, making the information permanent and tangible. This finishing is particularly important for the pharmaceutical and food industries, where accurate product information is crucial. Ebro Color uses the latest technology to ensure precise and readable Braille text. In addition to the functional improvement, Braille embossing also offers added aesthetic value. Companies can demonstrate their social responsibility and make their products accessible to a wider audience. The Braille embossing can be applied in various sizes and positions on the packaging to meet specific customer requirements. This finishing solution is particularly beneficial for international markets, where legal accessibility requirements are often stringent. By combining Braille embossing with high-quality packaging design, Ebro Color sets new standards in the packaging industry.

Braille embossing by Ebro Color

Ebro Color offers high-quality Braille embossing solutions that combine accessibility and appealing design. This special finishing makes packaging more accessible for visually impaired people. Trust Ebro Color to meet your packaging needs with innovative and high-quality solutions.

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