Printed corrugated shipping boxes directly from the manufacturer

Printed boxes are the be-all and end-all in online retailing, as they are instrumental in branding. So if you are currently looking for a good solution for your online shop, we have good news for you, because you have found your solution. With Ebro Color, you buy directly from the manufacturer and thus save yourself the often expensive intermediate trade. Delivery can be made on a Euro pallet. Simply choose from our offers.

What can you use corrugated cardboard boxes for?

Whenever you want to ship goods, corrugated board is an excellent choice, because the corrugation in the middle layer not only conserves resources, it is also very stable. This makes the product a real alternative to solid board. Your customers can recycle the boxes in the waste paper, which makes them real environmental heroes. Whether you want to send electrical appliances, everyday objects or decorations - we provide customised packaging.

What size is possible?

We specialise in cardboard boxes in every conceivable size. With over 1000 variations, you can get exactly the size you need for your goods. So whatever item you want to send - your search is over with us. Since you buy directly from the manufacturer, we can also make custom boxes for you.

So with us, you don't necessarily have to choose from predefined categories, but you tell us what size you need to ship and we will deliver in any length and width. If you wish, we are also happy to provide unusual shapes.

Individual printing - directly from the manufacturer

When your customer receives the item they ordered from you, you should let their great experience begin when they receive it. Therefore, you have 6 outside pages and 4 inside pages available for custom printing. We make sure to include the closure when creating the print layout.

You can then land the next hit by printing on the inside - why not provide the bottom with a nice message to your customers or use the bottom as advertising space. If everything is in your company colours, you have set a wonderful recognition value. So whether you want to design your boxes in white or in the company colours - there are no limits to your imagination.

Exceptional packaging solutions of all kinds for your products

Add haptic highlights to the visual highlights - special surface embossing or a specially die-cut or highlighted logo makes your carton something very special. With our innovative ideas, we show every day that the packaging for your goods doesn't have to be anything boring and certainly not standard.

Which box will be your selection?

On our site you will also find a large number of other offers in addition to corrugated cardboard boxes. So no matter what sizes you have to ship something in - we deliver German quality to the point and made to measure. You are looking for a durable solution - then contact us directly now

We will gladly take on this task and send you a quotation. Or you can ask us to send you a sample of our transport packaging. This way, you are sure to find your suitable shipping boxes.

Possible uses for corrugated cardboard shipping boxes

Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are often used as shipping packaging by online shops

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