High-quality cardboard inserts for bottles, your products and more

With Ebro Color as your reliable partner for cardboard inserts, shipping your products is safe and easy. Whether it's bottles, rare bottle shapes or other sensitive items, our cardboard inserts ensure optimum protection. Our customised packaging solutions take into account the specific shapes and sizes of your products to ensure maximum safety.</p

Durability and quality: solid cardboard and corrugated cardboard where applicable

Our customised packaging is usually made from robust solid cardboard for smaller product packaging. For special requirements, resistant corrugated cardboard can also be used, which is very popular for shipping packaging. These materials are perfectly suited to withstand the demands of transport. Impacts and shocks are effectively absorbed to ensure your products arrive undamaged. Thanks to our high manufacturing standards and careful processing, we guarantee consistently high quality in our cardboard inserts.

The right insert for every item

Regardless of the type and quantity of your items, we have the right solution. Each item number in our range corresponds to a specially developed packaging solution. From single items to bulk orders, we can fulfil any requirement. If you're not sure which insert is right for your item, simply send us a sample or you can provide us with the digital twin of your product.

Digital twins, 3D modelling and STL

Our team specialises in working with digital twins, 3D modelling and the STL format. STL (Standard Triangle Language) is a widely used file format that represents the geometry of a 3D model through a series of triangular facets. With these modern technologies, we can precisely replicate the physical characteristics of your product and develop an optimal packaging solution.</p

Perfect fit and secure protection

Our customised cardboard inserts are designed to fit precisely into your folding boxes or packaging. They provide an extra layer of protection to ensure your products are safe during transport. By using solid cardboard and corrugated cardboard where appropriate, our cardboard inserts are robust enough to absorb shocks and vibrations and keep your product undamaged.

Customised production and fast delivery

At Ebro Color, we value customisation and quality. That's why all our packaging is customised and not kept in stock. As soon as we receive your order, we start producing your customised cardboard inserts. We use the latest techniques and materials to ensure high quality. Despite the customised production, we strive to keep delivery times as short as possible and ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Dispatch and delivery

Once we have created the right inlay for you and received your order, we start producing your customised cardboard inlays and prepare them for shipping. We ship your products quickly and securely.</p

Optics and designs

Our cardboard inserts are not only functional, but also visually appealing. You can choose between different designs and looks to find the perfect packaging solution for your product. We also offer a variety of outer boxes to customise the external dimensions of your packaging and provide additional protection.

Customised printing for a distinctive look

At Ebro Color, we not only offer you customised cardboard inserts, but also the option of having them printed according to your wishes. Whether it's your company logo, a message to your customers or a special design, our high-quality printing processes ensure that your packaging solution is as unique as your product. With custom printed cardboard inserts, you can strengthen your brand and offer your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience.</p

Rely on the quality and expertise of Ebro Color for your cardboard inserts. We are ready for you

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