Printed POS Boxess directly from the manufacturer

POS Boxess made of cardboard or carton offer an attractive presentation of the contents and can be completely closed for storage and shipping.

The cardboard cut-out on the back wall can be in any shape and thus optimally adapted to the print design.

To ensure that as much of the product as possible is visible in the promotional display, parts of the sides and front can be cut off at a perforation.

POS Boxess printed directly by the manufacturer

POS Boxess for the promotionally effective presentation of your products

POS Boxess are a real eye-catcher and are ideal for drawing your customers' attention to a particular product. The more individually and creatively a POS Boxess is printed, the more effectively it fulfils its function. We can produce POS Boxess made of cardboard in any conceivable design at reasonable prices.


If you send us a sample of the product to be presented, we can customise the display exactly and you will get an optimal result. We would also be happy to advise you personally and work out the design of your POS Boxess together with you.

What is POS Boxess?

POS Boxess are special folding boxes for the attractive presentation of goods or flyers in a prominent position (for example at the counter or in the checkout area). The extended back wall of the display, the so-called top sign, serves as an advertising space and is directly connected to the product in the eye of the beholder.

When closed, POS Boxess made of cardboard form a protective outer packaging in which the product can be stored and transported. For presentation, special perforation lines make it possible to cut off disturbing front and side surfaces. Shape, size and design of the POS Boxess are variable and can be designed exactly according to your wishes.

Where are POS Boxess used?

The areas of application for POS Boxess are as varied as the type of products that can be presented in them. Whether in the supermarket, in the fashion industry or in the book trade, whether in gastronomy, at trade fairs or in public institutions: Small goods for impulse buying fit into the POS Boxess just as well as flyers and information brochures. The only important thing is always to place the POS Boxess favourably.

For POS Boxess made of cardboard, special attention must be paid to the stability of the base. Whether a simple plug-in shelf is sufficient or whether an automatic shelf is needed depends primarily on the weight of the contents. To save valuable shelf space and at the same time achieve ideal advertising effectiveness, we recommend narrow POS Boxess with a high back panel.


What are the advantages of POS Boxess made of cardboard?

Cardboard POS Boxess are extremely versatile. They can be fitted with compartments, steps and individual die-cuts without much effort and can be shaped into any desired form. The material is light as a feather, does not weigh much during transport and can also be set up in no time at all. Even if your POS Boxes are to be printed, cardboard offers fantastic possibilities as a base material. There are different cardboard thicknesses to choose from for optimum stability.

You want to protect the environment and consciously pay attention to sustainability? Our POS Boxess also score well in this respect! The POS Boxess made of cardboard are easy to dispose of in the paper waste and are of course recyclable.

The POS Boxess are made of cardboard.

Order POS Boxes cheaply from Ebro Color

Your best bet is to buy your POS Boxess directly from the manufacturer - i.e. directly from us. Tell us what you need and we will provide you with an individual offer free of charge. To optimise the visual impact and functionality of the POS Boxess, we offer you professional design advice.

When you request a quote, please enter the dimensions you require and decide whether you would like your POS Boxes printed or unprinted. If you have any questions, just give us a call - we'll be happy to help.

Possible uses of the POS Boxess

POS Boxess are often used for: Merchandise display advertising flyer display

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