Printed Hang Tabs directly from the manufacturer

Printed Hang Tabs are attached to plastic bags as a closure, suspension and information medium. Without tooling costs, we produce Hang Tabs in your desired format with a broken-out Euro hole.

Hang Tabs printed and with Euro perforation

Labels are a labelled indication on the product packaging. They are attached as a single-walled sign, whereas hang tabs are attached. Hang tabs are double-walled, comparable to a fold-out business card. Alternative names for hang tabs are saddle tabs or pouch tabs. Hang tabs are used, for example, to close plastic or canvas bags or to hang them up for presentation. Hang tabs are usually fastened with the standardised Euro perforation. And - with their two outer sides, printed Hang Tabs are an ideal advertising medium.

This is where we come in as a Hang Tabs printer!

We supply Hang Tabs printed, perforated, folded to size and theft-proof. It is not possible to open the bag after attaching our Hang Tabs without damage.

Hang Tabs print shop manufactures to measure, weight and quantity


There is nothing that is not available from us as an experienced Hang Tabs printing company that has been present in the market for many years. Whether with or without Euro perforation, whether paper or high-quality cardboard - all hang tabs are printed by us using the well-known, proven digital process.

Every order is printed by us as an experienced hang tab printer.

Each order is executed in our hang tabs print shop according to individual specifications and wishes. In daily handling, the saddle label is a very uncomplicated packaging in a wide variety of designs. For example, it can be produced in any width or with flaps of different lengths. The thickness of the saddle label corresponds to the respective product to which the saddle tab is attached.

Whether large quantities, small or very small - for each batch we offer a customer-friendly price-performance ratio.

Euro-punching - standardised norm for hang tabs


At this point, a brief explanation. The Eurohole is the slit-shaped recess at the top of the packaging of a film pouch, blister pack or cardboard box. The Euro hole is synonymous with the hanging of the product or goods packaging for offer purposes. Hang tabs with Euro-perforation are preferably used in on-site retailing.

The Eurohole is the standardised perforation for all

- systems with Euro hooks
- common display hooks and systems with hole hooks


The slot-shaped perforation, in other words the Eurohole, is defined as a European standard in DIN EN 13010. It is 32 mm long and 6 mm high. The recess for hanging is 9 mm long and 4 mm high. This results in a maximum dimension of the Eurohole of 32 x 10 mm.

Hang Tabs - Eye-catcher in stationary, but also in online retail


Hang tabs are ideal as an information, marketing and advertising medium. The attached product cannot be looked at without drawing attention to the saddle label on the top hang tab. In on-site retail, the saddle label is a real eye-catcher.

But hang tabs can also be used to advertise in online retail - especially if the product can be zoomed in at literally all angles. The configuration of the zoom function makes it possible to put even the saddle label in the right light. Now it's all about what the saddle rider says in words and pictures. Anyone who prints on the hang tabs should have a lot of creativity and imagination for the design.

Summary on Hang Tabs

  • Hang Tabs are printable cardboard labels that are attached to the top of bags or similar packaging
  • .
  • Optically eye-catching Hang Tabs unerringly draw attention to the product contained in the packaging, which is often not immediately recognisable
  • .
  • Small items from nuts and bolts to beads or sweets to promotional items are unimaginable without the saddle label
  • .
  • The multi-coloured printed saddle label is the perfect packaging solution to present even dull to inconspicuous contents in a vivid and informative way
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