Printed cardboard sheets directly from the manufacturer

We can cut cardboard or paper sheets individually to size. These can be produced with or without printing or also finished with a variety of finishing options such as foil lamination, foil embossing or partial high-gloss varnishing.

Ebro Color: Cardboard sheets supplier with added value


We are manufacturers of outer packaging - Ebro Color is considered a specialist in the field. We have folding cartons and boxes in many designs and standards in our range. However, the requirements are often specific, so individual solutions are needed. Our custom-made cardboard sheets support you in distribution and shipping. Trust the leading cardboard sheets supplier.

Ebro Color: Cardboard sheets matter

We offer printed and plain cardboard sheets in quantities as small as 100 pieces. Start with a non-binding enquiry in the first step. If you need support with the design, then take advantage of our telephone consultation. Once we have all the information, we will get to work immediately. Before production begins, you will receive a sample that meets your wishes and needs. If the design is not to your satisfaction, we will eliminate any points of criticism. If we have your OK, your order will go into production immediately. Cardboard sheets are available from us as:

  • Slip-on, slip-on, flip-on, pouch and pillow boxes
  • .
  • Hinging boxes
  • Take-away boxes
  • Boxes with handles
  • postal boxes
  • cardboard slipcase
  • box bags

Cardboard sheets made to measure: the clever option to standard packaging


We know the needs of private customers as well as the high requirements in the B2B sector. If our standardised designs do not offer the necessary flexibility, then turn to customised cardboard sheets. You are free to choose the thickness of the cardboard and the dimensions. Every detail can be easily transmitted online. Our products are one step ahead of the times. Thanks to the individual packaging solutions, no volume is wasted when filling. If you need space between the cardboard walls and the contents, which is a particular advantage when shipping, this is absolutely no problem.
Buy cardboard sheets now: These are suitable for almost any product. It's up to you what you want to put inside. Whether textiles, accessories, electrical or cosmetic items: The possibilities are endless. If you need boxes and cartons for shipping, the cardboard thickness plays a decisive role. This varies - the heavier the products contained, the higher it should be. We use cardboard with a maximum thickness of ___ mm and a quality of up to ___ g/cm². If you do not know exactly which material is optimal for your project, please contact our responsive support. We will advise you competently and without obligation, and you can buy cardboard sheets from us without any risk.

Cardboard sheets from Ebro Color: Quality made in Germany

Cardboard sheets are manufactured exclusively in Germany using modern printing, punching, cutting and folding machines. Our products are ideal as shipping and outer packaging. There is room for graphics, images, texts and barcodes on the outer sides. Windows made of transparent plastic film and holes for hanging can also be incorporated. In this way, cardboard sheets immediately present the items contained.
Unprinted boxes achieve a sales-boosting effect with labels and stickers, but they are often used as inlets. Boxes made of white or untreated cardboard cannot be topped as shipping cartons. When it comes to packaging, things have to move quickly. Our cardboard sheets are designed in such a way that they can be unfolded, filled and closed without much work or time. All folded edges are of optimum thickness, and a few simple steps are all that is needed to fold and hook together the flaps and closures. With our cardboard sheets, packaging becomes an everyday triviality.

Ebro Color: The bull's eye when it comes to cardboard sheets

Buying cardboard sheets from Ebro Color is worthwhile right down the line. Tip: Large delivery quantities are no challenge for us, because we have the necessary capacities. Our production costs are reduced for large quantities, and we are happy to pass on the savings to customers. With Ebro Color you optimise shipping costs, especially in online trade. Discover our customised cardboard sheets, which we also carry in neutral colours. If you need eye-catching shipping boxes, we can customise them with company logos and advertising messages. Put us to the test as a cardboard sheets supplier and contact us.

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