Compliance means much more than just adhering to the law. For us, it is a question of attitude. It affects all of us at Ebro Color. Every day. Everywhere.

Values such as reliability, sincerity, credibility and integrity are not empty words for us, but permeate our corporate DNA.

This claim already applies to the development of our strategic compliance measures and must be shared and consistently lived out as a culture of values by all employees - especially by our managers.

An open culture of communication is an essential component of well-functioning compliance.

Employees, customers, suppliers and other players (stakeholders) must be able to address errors openly and, above all, at an early stage.



Compliance Contact:

Ebro Color GmbH
Ehestetter Weg 10
72458 Albstadt

Email: compliance@Ebro

Phone: +49 (0)7431 94829 0