Printed Tuck-in boxes directly from the manufacturer

At Ebrocolor you buy Tuck-in boxes directly from the manufacturer, which is why we can offer such competitive prices. We stock them in many standard sizes and made to measure in white or printed.

These boxes with tuck-in flap offer closed areas on all 6 sides for printing for promotional purposes.

Tuck-in boxes: suitable for many products

Cardboard Tuck-in boxes are an integral part of our daily lives. Even if the small packaging appears inconspicuous: Tuck-in boxes with printing have a great effect! Because individual Tuck-in boxes are used all the time. They wrap cosmetics, medicines as well as pens, mobile phones and accessories. By the way, Tuck-in boxes can be ordered made-to-measure and printed in an expressive way. A Tuck-in box with your own logo is therefore a marketing ambassador with a wide reach. Thanks to colour, lettering and design, they immediately indicate what your company stands for!

Tuck-in boxes made to measure: tidiness and attention are guaranteed

The advantage of customised Tuck-in boxes is that they can be customised and adapted to the shape and size of the product. There are not only four sides to print on: You also have the option of using patterns, graphics, word messages and logos to convey messages in a targeted and target-group-oriented way.

  • Thanks to a distinctive logo in certain colour tones, the company is quickly recognised, trust is built up and maintained.
  • The composition and application of ointment and perfume can be communicated quickly and effectively via the print on the side. This is especially true if purely natural composition of the ingredients is specifically sought or one wants to avoid certain ingredients.
  • The place of production is increasingly important for many buyers. This can also be clearly visible on printed Tuck-in boxes.

Visual and communicative strategies go hand in hand with printed Tuck-in boxes. Packaging therefore plays an important role in the purchase decision!

Customised Tuck-in boxes with beautiful design

Tuck-in boxes with print provide clarity on the shelf. They stack well and can be easily removed from the shelf. In addition to these practical aspects, however, the focus of a Tuck-in box is on quick, direct, non-verbal communication. Colours, graphics and lettering convey emotions. Therefore, in times of high diversification of products, it is becoming more and more important to distinguish oneself from competitors through a folding box.

Contact line care products that users purchase via the internet or at the shop counter are initially perceived in a fraction of a second through the design of the individual tuck-in boxes. If one sees blue and drops of water, this signals: The eye is getting enough liquid. Soft green and soft shapes indicate the sensitivity of eye care. Tuck-in boxes printed on cardboard can - in addition to pricing - steer undecideds in one direction or another for their purchase decision. Therein lies the power when you design a custom folding box.

Folding box with your own logo: show your colours!

A custom folding box is an instrument of communication. The better known and more tradition-conscious a company is, the faster its logo will be recognised. But the reverse is also true: Tuck-in boxes printed with a company's own logo are of great importance, especially when it comes to developing and placing a company on the market!

Start-ups that focus on sustainability and responsibility for social projects or involve buyers in fundraising campaigns through their purchasing behaviour can use Tuck-in boxes with their own logo to emphasise a modern, easily recognisable appearance. You have many options for your customised Tuck-in boxes:

  • Tuck-in boxes with printed logos are available in businesslike, elegant and graphic-modern designs.
  • Individual Tuck-in boxes with print can be designed in a romantic and playful way.
  • Possible for the packaging is also an emphasised nature-loving look, which appeals to people for whom sustainable management is important.

Tuck-in boxes: a thousand possibilities with a broad impact

We produce customised folding boxes for you in over a thousand box sizes. First choose the right size depending on how much space your ointment, mobile phone or silk scarf needs. Width, height and depth are important here: the print will also be visible on these sides later. Now think about how you want to make your cardboard Tuck-in boxes appealing, attractive and contemporary in terms of design. A modern graphic is just as conceivable as a meaningful photo. The same applies to colours. Reduced to black and white is possible as well as the whole palette of the rainbow. With special shimmer, silver tone or gold, you can give your Tuck-in boxes an additional shine. This is ideal, for example, if you want to visually highlight the exclusivity of a product. Tuck-in boxes for expensive perfume are often presented in these colour variations. Tuck-in boxes in green, blue and earth tones, on the other hand, show what they contain: healthy food, ecological wine, natural cosmetics or a sustainably and fairly produced product.

Tuck-in boxes: handy and aesthetic

Tuck-in boxes undoubtedly play a major role in everyday life and cover various functions at the same time:

  • Tuck-in boxes can be stacked and stored easily
  • .
  • Tuck-in boxes protect the contents from shocks.
  • Tuck-in boxes are instruments of communication.
  • Tuck-in boxes with your own logo create trust and recognition over time.

Sensitive items such as ampoules and vials can be stored in Tuck-in boxes, even in large quantities. Safely stowed, small items go on their journey in Tuck-in boxes with their own logo: They fit comfortably in handbags, backpacks, suitcases and travel bags.

Tailored to your needs: Tuck-in boxes in various sizes and colours

Tuck-in boxes with tuck-in flap can be ordered in one or different sizes for your business or online trade. This depends on what your needs are, whether you offer several ointments, ampoules or bottle sizes. These can then of course also be designed to match each other.

What is also good to know is that there are various options for the closure:

  • Aesthetic and functional are insert flaps with locking slits. Here, the edges are very smooth and homogeneous.
  • When the tuck-in bottom of tuck-in boxes is folded and hooked, it is particularly stable.
  • Blitz or automatic bottoms are glued and therefore particularly robust. In addition, the automatic bottom sets up quickly. It is therefore suitable for fast, uncomplicated filling with goods.

Are you interested in a sample delivery? You will have a sample in your hands in just 48 hours, so you can get a good overview. We would also be happy to advise you personally on dimensions, printing inks and ways to make your tuck-in box expressive and recognisable with printing: We print all six sides of the tuck-in box with tuck-in flap in the highest colour quality, exactly according to your personal specifications. We look forward to hearing from you!

Closure options for the Tuck-in boxes

Here could be the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. Here you could find the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case.

Push-in flap with locking slits

The main flap of the tuck-in box has a slit on the front edge on both sides. These slots then lock onto the side dust flaps when closing. This variant represents a very good compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

For particularly high aesthetic demands. The top flap of the lid is "stretched" between the dust flaps and the front wall of the folding box. This gives the lid of the tuck-in box a nice smooth finish and a homogeneous front edge. Since the friction closure does not offer much stability, it is usually only suitable for the top side.

Plug-in flap box with plug-in bottom

Robustness and good standing properties characterise the bottom of this plug-in box. The bottom consists of one flap on each of the 4 sides of the bottom opening. These are folded inwards and hooked into each other, so that they lock each other in place.

Plug-in flap box with automatic bottom

Frequently also called flash bottom or folding bottom. This bottom closure is glued and therefore very stable. Filling the carton is quick and easy, as the bottom opens automatically when the folding carton is erected. Due to the higher set-up effort, an automatic bottom is only worthwhile from approx. 2,000 units.

Applications of the Tuck-in boxes

Plug-in tab boxes are commonly used for: Software, medicines such as tablets, pills, tubes, jars, vials, ampoules Cosmetics such as perfume

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