Discover a variety of packaging solutions for different industries

Discover a variety of packaging ideas for different industries - from bakery packaging and cosmetics packaging to personalised promotional gifts and fan merchandise.

Discover the right folding boxes, cardboard boxes and packaging for different industries:

Welcome to the world of packaging for many different industries

Bakery packaging

Our bakery packaging ensures that bakery products are transported safely and presented attractively at the same time. Made from high-quality materials, we offer both standard sizes and customised solutions. In doing so, we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly production.

Printed jewellery packaging

In the field of jewellery packaging, we have a variety of fine, printed jewellery boxes on offer that provide the perfect setting for every piece of jewellery. Perfect for jewellers, jewellery designers or as exclusive gift packaging.

Professional printed products

Under Print Products we offer a wide range of professional print products. With a selection of flyer boxes, calendar boxes and more, we can help you present your business successfully

Attractive gift boxes

Gift boxes are the ideal choice to present products stylishly and protect them at the same time. Whether for private occasions or business gifts, we offer a variety of colours, sizes and designs.

Practical candle boxes

Our candle boxes are the perfect choice for candle makers and retailers. The packaging not only protects the delicate products, but also serves as an effective brand ambassador

High-quality confectionery boxes

When it comes to confectionery boxes, we place great emphasis on functionality and aesthetics. Our packaging solutions guarantee that the finest patisserie and confectionery products can be safely transported and attractively presented.

Stylish cosmetics packaging

With our cosmetics packaging, we ensure that your products are optimally protected and at the same time convince with an appealing design. Ideal for cosmetic studios, perfumeries or manufacturers of natural cosmetics.

Exclusive packaging for leather goods

For leather goods, we offer high-quality packaging solutions that emphasise the quality of the products and ensure an exclusive unboxing experience.

Optimum protection with optician packaging

Our Optician Packaging is specially tailored to the needs of opticians and offers optimal protection for glasses and accessories.

Papetery packaging with printing

Papery packaging with printing is the perfect solution for office supplies, stationery and paper goods. They not only protect the products, but also serve as a marketing tool.

Presentation of patisserie packaging

Our patisserie packaging provides an attractive presentation for the finest patisserie and ensures that the sweet works of art reach their destination safely.

Packaged safely with game packaging

For game packaging, we offer both standard solutions and customised packaging to meet the special requirements of board games, card games or puzzles.

Practical and appealing - take-away packaging

Our take-away packaging ensures that food stays safe and fresh. Whether for restaurants, snack bars or catering services, our packaging is practical and attractively designed.

Fashion-conscious textile packaging

With our textile packaging, we offer stylish and secure packaging solutions for clothing, lingerie and accessories. Ideal for fashion boutiques, online shops or designers.

Carry packs for every occasion

Our carry packs are the ideal solution for trade fairs, events or retail. They offer plenty of space for your products and are an effective advertising medium at the same time.

Cube boxes for smaller products

Cube boxes are versatile and offer attractive packaging for smaller products or gifts.

Festive Christmas bauble packaging

We package Christmas baubles securely and festively so they are perfectly protected while spreading festive anticipation.

Brand presence with promotional gifts and fan merchandise

And don't forget: Our imprinted promotional gifts and fan merchandise, with which you can creatively bring your brand to the world.


Discover different packaging ideas for your industry. We look forward to assisting you with all your packaging needs.