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We manufacture packaging solutions individually in your desired dimensions from as little as 100 pieces. We even produce many standard sizes from as little as 1 piece. All cardboard packaging can be printed all around and can also be upgraded with special finishing effects on request.

Choose your desired packaging solution from the large selection and send us your dimension request directly online. You will then receive a free and non-binding sample with a corresponding offer from us shortly. We will of course also be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable cardboard packaging over the phone.

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What do optimal packaging solutions look like?

Optimal packaging solutions protect the item for sale and make its transport safe. Ideally, they look attractive and are pleasing to the eye. At the same time, they have as much weight as necessary, are efficient and environmentally friendly. Packaging solutions with corrugated board or cardboard can fulfil almost all of these desired criteria.

Paper and cardboard are now among the most popular packaging materials among environmentally conscious consumers. Thanks to technical possibilities and cleverly selected materials, functionality and user-friendliness are fully preserved in this type of packaging solution. The right print or a special finish ensure an appealing appearance. Companies that want to score points with their customers should therefore increasingly rely on packaging solutions made of cardboard or corrugated board.

Packaging solutions for every industry

Optimal packaging solutions are in demand in every industry. Whether in the food or cosmetics industry, whether in the textile sector, the pharmaceutical industry or the catering industry, the right packaging is important in almost every industry. After all, it is the first thing a customer sees of his purchase. Whether the product appeals to him therefore depends on this first impression. With the way they package their products, companies can create their own touch that is always associated with their product and therefore has a high recognition value. The growing online trade is also increasingly relying on effective packaging solutions.

Ideal packaging solutions for food

Some goods are subject to special rules. This includes the food sector with its legal requirements. Packaging solutions for food should fulfil protective, storage, transport and freshness-keeping functions; they should also contain information about the product and their design should encourage purchase. Resource-saving packaging solutions made of corrugated board and cardboard can also fulfil these requirements.

When it comes to sustainable packaging solutions for food, paper, cardboard and carton are also very popular with consumers. Packaging solutions made of cardboard with a light inner coating are suitable for almost any purpose and any type of food.

Whether it is packaging solutions for lunch such as the customisable lunchbox and the carton slipcase for ready meals or packaging for that special treat, the sustainable packaging solutions are hygienic and also extremely decorative.

Packaging solutions for cosmetics - appealing and inspiring

Packaging solutions for cosmetics must also have a protective function and be transportable and storable. Important and legally required is the information text about the product with its ingredients. Customers increasingly want sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In addition to the protection of the product, another feature is important for packaging solutions for cosmetics. They should stand out from the mass of offers and attract the customer's attention. At the same time, they are the decorative figurehead that gives an initial indication of the product to be expected. Shape, colour and design must reflect the special character of the article and appeal positively to the customer. Haptics and surface structure also count. On the one hand, the wrapping should feel pleasant in the hand and on the other hand, it should underline its uniqueness through some special features in the surface structure. The way the imprint is designed indicates the quality of the item.


Conclusion: Packaging solutions made of corrugated board or cardboard are ideal for giving products an attractive and decorative cover. At the same time, they meet the requirements for protection and transport safety and are not least characterised by their good eco-balance. With just a few resources, packaging solutions made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard can be transformed into a unique item of daily use that is completely tailored to individual tastes.