24 days of anticipation from folding cartons

Advent calendars have a long tradition. They are simply part of the pre-Christmas season. No wonder: with them, not only children increase their anticipation of the coming festivities day by day. Advent calendars set the mood, create a cosy Christmas atmosphere and spread a lot of joy. So it's no wonder that this very special form of calendar is always well received everywhere. They are therefore also perfect for conveying messages of all kinds. The calendars are an ideal giveaway that always leave a good impression. Advent calendars from Ebro Color are therefore definitely welcome in the run-up to Christmas.

Printed or plain: individual design possible


Our calendars are boxes or folding boxes made of high-quality cardboard. They are perfect for use as packaging. In other words, the boxes can be filled with very different things - either directly by you or by your customers to whom you have given the calendar. The special thing about our calendars, however, is certainly that they can be individually designed. There are undreamt-of possibilities. Whether plain or with elaborate printing - many things are possible. The range extends from a discreetly applied logo to Christmas motifs to an individual photo. There are virtually no limits to your ideas and creativity for the cardboard boxes.

Construction toys, however, are not only aimed at children. If it is a model toy with countless small parts, the cardboard packaging should have a serious appearance. This is about sophisticated leisure activities, unlike a squeaking duck, which is reminiscent of bathing fun and therefore must necessarily convince with cheerful colouring!

More than just a cardboard box

Our Advent calendars go far beyond what one usually thinks of as folding boxes. Ideas can be realised quite wonderfully with ideas. They are ambassadors of your company with which you will be remembered for a long time in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. Above all, the calendars convey an emotional, positive connection to you and your company. There is an important bond that takes place on an emotional and therefore lasting level.

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