Ebro Color offers a wide range of cardboard beer packaging. Combining quality, versatility and sustainable practices, they are the ideal choice for brewers and retailers looking to highlight their brand while making environmentally conscious choices. Whether it's six-pack cartons, folding cartons or bespoke cartons, Ebro Color ensures that each product is tailored to the specific needs of customers and delivers a positive brand experience.

The diversity of beer packaging

Beer packaging today is much more than just a practical solution for transporting and protecting the product. They also serve as an important marketing tool, helping to bring the brand to the forefront and set it apart from the competition. Beer packaging can come in many shapes and sizes, from six-packs to folding boxes to custom-made cartons. They all play an important role in providing customers with an engaging brand experience.

Cardboard boxes: The sustainable and versatile choice

Cardboard boxes are a popular choice for beer packaging. Not only are they environmentally friendly and sustainable, they are also extremely versatile. Cardboard packaging can be printed and designed in a variety of ways, allowing it to be tailored to a brand's exact image and message

In addition, cardboard boxes provide excellent protection for bottles by absorbing shocks and falls, ensuring that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition. In addition, cardboard boxes are lightweight and easy to handle, making them a practical choice for both manufacturers and customers.

Carton packaging as an all-rounder in beer packaging

Whether as a six-pack carton, folding box or customised folding carton - the carton is a versatile solution for any type of beer packaging. It can be used for retail sales as well as for shipping online orders and is available in a wide range of sizes and varieties.

The range extends from small cartons for single bottles to large cartons for multiple bottles. In addition, the cartons can be printed and produced in a variety of colours to meet customers' desire for customised, branded packaging.

Six-pack banderole made of cardboard: Effective and customisable

Another popular carton packaging for beverages and beer is the cardboard six-pack sleeve. This is not only perfect for packing six bottles compactly and securely, but also brings advantages for automated packaging. The process can thus be made efficient and cost-effective, which is particularly advantageous for larger breweries and beverage producers.

Another plus: the six-pack sleeve offers plenty of space for creative designs and brand messages. Whether with high-quality prints, colour gradients or special finishing techniques - the design options are versatile. This way, any brand can ensure that their products are not only safe, but also attractively packaged and true to their brand. An added bonus is the environmental aspect: cardboard is recyclable.

Beer cup holder for the perfect event

Whether at a festival, an open-air concert or a local beer festival: serving beer directly from the tap always creates a special atmosphere. And what better way to round off this authentic experience than with a practical and stylish way to carry several beers at once? That's where the printable cup holder from Ebro Color comes into play.

A must-have for beer lovers

The cup holder from Ebro Color, also known as a drink holder or beer cup holder, is specially designed for such events. Made of sturdy kraft liner 200 g/m² laminated on white E-flute 539 g/m², this cup holder not only guarantees stability for 6 cups, but also an elegant look.

Personalisation par excellence

The Ebro Color cup holders can be easily personalised. Imagine transporting your freshly tapped beer with a cup holder bearing the logo of your favourite festival or brewery. For events, they can even be customised with sponsors' logos or your own company logo, creating a unique memory of the event. As standard, Ebro Color offers the cup holder for 6 cups. Other versions are possible. Simply enquire.

Cup sleeves made of cardboard: practical advertising medium for beer at festivals and events

When enjoying beer, especially at festivals and other events, the experience plays as big a role as the taste itself. When the beer comes straight from the tap, disposable cups are often used, but they offer little space for brand presentation. This is where cardboard cup bands come into play. They are a simple and effective way to turn beer cups into advertising media.

Cardboard cup sleeves can be custom printed and adapted to showcase a company's branding and message. Not only do they provide a larger surface area for branding than the cup itself, but they also increase user comfort by acting as insulation and making holding the cup more comfortable.

They can also be used as a promotional tool.

In addition to their practical benefits, cardboard cup bands are also a sustainable choice. Unlike plastic, they are biodegradable and can be made from recycled material. They are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store.

Carton cup sleeves are therefore an excellent choice for beer brands that want to increase their presence at festivals and events, offer a better experience to their customers and at the same time fulfil their environmental responsibility.

Cup Carrying Cartons for Draft Beer

Special beer carrying boxes are essential for the safe transport of beer, especially from the keg. Whether for pubs, beer gardens or festivals - the reliable and efficient transport of beer is always of central importance. Beer carrying cartons offer the perfect solution here. They are robust, environmentally friendly and make carrying beer kegs or several bottles much easier. They can also be printed in any way, allowing breweries and event organisers to showcase their brand or special messages on the boxes. For anyone looking for a sustainable, practical and at the same time visually appealing way to transport their beer, the beer carrying boxes are just the thing.

Packaging for various needs also in the Ebro Color online shop

At Ebro Color, customers can find a wide selection of beer packaging in the online shop. For example, six-pack cartons in different sizes or the cardboard beer crate. All products are characterised by their high quality and are offered at attractive prices. The products are shipped quickly and reliably so that customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition.

Customer satisfaction as the highest goal

Ebro Color attaches great importance to the satisfaction of their customers. That's why they not only offer a wide range of beer packaging, but also a first-class delivery service. Whether it's a small order of a few pieces or a bulk order, Ebro Color guarantees fast and reliable delivery.

Beer bottle carton - A stylish packaging solution

In the world of beer, it's not only the contents that matter, but also the packaging. This is where the beer bottle carton emerges as a true champion, a folding box that is not only practical but also visually convincing. This carton offers breweries and beverage producers the ideal platform for presenting their beer bottles safely and stylishly.

The great advantage of the beer bottle carton is its versatility. It can be printed as desired, be it with a simple logo, an eye-catching graphic or even a story that tells the history of the beer. This offers brands an additional opportunity to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Another highlight that makes this carton so special is the option to have it punched out as a window. This creative feature allows the beer bottle's label to remain visible even when it is packed. This not only creates an air of exclusivity, but also allows the customer to take a closer look at the product before buying it.

In times when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, the beer bottle carton also offers an environmentally friendly approach. Not only is it lightweight and space-saving, but it can also be made from recycled materials, saving resources and reducing the carbon footprint.

In summary, the beer bottle carton is more than just packaging. It is an opportunity for breweries to express themselves, strengthen their brand identity and contribute to environmental protection at the same time. In an industry characterised by tradition and innovation, this folding carton is the perfect symbiosis of the two. Any beer brand looking for a contemporary, functional and appealing packaging solution should consider the beer bottle carton. It is not only a question of style, but also of a sense of responsibility towards the environment and customers.

Beer bottle carton with innovative holder - safety meets design

A special feature that makes the beer bottle box a must-have for every beer lover and producer is the integrated holder in the lid. Thanks to a carefully designed tab at the top of the box, the beer bottle can be positioned securely and firmly. By simply inserting the neck of the bottle into the hole provided, the bottle is securely fixed in place, preventing it from moving back and forth inside unintentionally.

This type of holder not only provides additional security during transport, but also presents the bottle in an elegant and appealing way. Especially if the carton has a window, this gives the customer an unobstructed view of the beer bottle's label, while ensuring that the bottle stays in position and does not roll around in the carton.

But this innovative holding function also brings another advantage: opening the carton and removing the bottle becomes a foolproof process. A simple lift of the flap releases the bottle immediately and thus ensures smooth handling.

The combination of design, functionality and protection makes the beer bottle carton with this special retaining flap a superior packaging option. It is a well thought-out solution that meets the requirements of modern breweries and the expectations of consumers alike. In a world where every detail counts, this carton ensures that every bottle of beer is presented with the utmost care and in the best condition.

Ebro Color: your ideal partner for cardboard beer packaging

The right beer packaging can make all the difference when it comes to setting a brand apart from the crowd and attracting customer attention. Whether it's six-pack cartons, folding cartons or custom-made cardboard packaging, Ebro Color offers a wide range of high-quality, attractive and practical solutions for every type of beer packaging. Thanks to their high quality, attractive design and environmental friendliness, Ebro Color's beer packaging is the perfect choice for any beer brand.

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