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When many years of experience are combined with technical know-how, the result is high-quality print products from the best company.

The most successful stories usually start very small and with a lot of heart and soul

Ebro Color GmbH has this many years of experience. Master typesetter and editor Josef Vögtle founded the Vögtle book printing company in 1925 . Under relatively simple conditions, he started his dream of his own letterpress printing company with his company, in rather cramped basement rooms in Ebingen. Until the age of 75, this print shop was to be the centre of his life, because he not only ran the company but was also actively involved in the work there until then.

When cylinder printing presses were purchased in 1962, letterpress printing had reached its peak at that time. In the same year, Ing Erich Brodbeck took over the successful company and was able to continue the business successfully on this firm foundation. In 1963, the first offset press in the Balingen district was installed at Ebro Color.

Technical change was always a theme in our print shop, because with every new technological achievement, new possibilities also moved into our print shop. In 1971, for example, the first two-colour press in the Zollernalb district was put into operation.

We move with the times, which is why technical achievements "line the way" in almost every stage of the company's life.

More space for creative ideas

Sufficient space is also needed for technical equipment. So with progress came the call for more space for technical equipment. In 1973, the go-ahead was given for a new building, which was ready for occupancy in April 1974. The previous premises had been exhausted and in order to continue to meet customer needs, we decided to build a modern new building, which still houses the most modern machinery and plant technology today.

From Vögtle Buchdruckerei to Ebro Color GmbH - specialist for professional folding box production

After the successful relocation to the new building and the acquisition of appropriate machines for four-colour printing, it was obvious to rethink the name of the company and to adapt it to the newly created field of activity. This is how the idea for the name "Ebro Color" was born, under which the most modern printing products are still being produced today.

Since 1984, Ebro Color has been involved in the professional production of folding boxes and is now a specialised supplier of a wide range of creative and high-quality folding boxes. A special feature here is the possibility of producing even the smallest of runs from 500 pieces.

The company has continually adapted to the circumstances, which is why, between the years 1995 and 2009, we have always upgraded the state-of-the-art machines of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and expanded them with the latest components.

The last time we invested in the Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 Anicolor with short inking unit technology was in 2009, which has had a particularly positive impact on makeready times and colour consistency. But we have also thought ahead in the meantime and followed the spirit of the times. In 2010, for example, the first Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 5+L was purchased to make production more effective and faster.


In 2004, we invested in an ignition plotter to give customers and interested parties the opportunity to have test samples produced.

Professionally constructed from the idea to the design

Modern packaging production is now hardly possible without the appropriate software, which is why Ebro Color also relies on the use of professional CAD tools here. This means that individual and special customer requirements can be taken into account as early as the design stage. Various implementation approaches can thus be discussed with the help of the CAD programme Esko Artios. A spatial representation of the patterns, if possible, enables the customer to view the final design to a certain extent before the actual printing process and to make any changes without using materials.

Perfectly organised

Organisation is everything and so Ebro Color has developed its own comprehensive management system that meets the highest standards and guarantees optimum work organisation.

Not least, Ebro Color owes its success to the dedication of its motivated and hard-working employees, who have made a significant part of the entire company possible in the first place and continue to do so to this day.

Mission statement


The basis of our success is an intact environment, successful customers, motivated employees and a functioning society. So we are only sustainably successful if our environment, our customers, our employees and our society benefit equally from our actions.