Ebro Color: More than just a manufacturer - your expert in cardboard cosmetics packaging

Ebro Color is not just a manufacturer, but an expert in cardboard cosmetics packaging. With extensive experience in the production of high-quality cardboard packaging, the company specialises in packaging solutions for cosmetics that are both aesthetically pleasing and robust.

Various packaging options for cosmetic products

The diverse products in the cosmetics sector require an equally diverse range of cosmetics packaging. Ebro Color therefore offers a wide range of packaging solutions, including folding boxes for space-saving storage and shipping of cosmetic products. In addition, Ebro Color also offers Telescope boxes and carry handle boxes as well as specialised packaging such as boxes for face masks and set packaging for nail polish.

Rugged and attractive cosmetics packaging

At Ebro Color, all materials are carefully selected to create cosmetics packaging that is not only safe and sturdy, but also creates a wow effect when opened. In addition, Ebro Color also offers a choice of finishing options for the cosmetics packaging to increase product protection while enhancing the design of the packaging.

Customised cosmetic packaging

In Ebro Color's online shop, customers can customise their cosmetic packaging. With a large selection of colours, shapes and sizes, Ebro Color offers the possibility of creating individual product packaging that is precisely tailored to the cosmetic product in question. The topic of sustainability also plays a major role. Ebro Color attaches great importance to environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

Packaging for creams, ointments and other cosmetics

In addition to folding boxes for various cosmetic products, Ebro Color also offers special packaging for creams and ointments. This cosmetic packaging not only protects the contents, but also perfectly showcases the cosmetic items. The packaging is suitable for both natural cosmetic products and conventional cosmetic items and can be individually designed.

Sustainable cosmetics packaging: Cardboard with plastic-free barrier for environmental protection

In today's world, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, also in the cosmetics industry. Therefore, packaging solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly are in demand. Ebro Color offers an excellent solution with its innovative concept of cardboard packaging with a plastic-free barrier. These special packages are suitable for various cosmetic products and are made of cardboard with a special plastic-free barrier. This barrier effectively protects the cosmetic product from external influences such as moisture or contamination, while ensuring that no harmful plastic particles are released into the environment. Thus, Ebro Color enables a sustainable and at the same time attractive packaging of cosmetics that meets the requirements of the market and the environment.

Safety and design in perfection: printing with food-safe ink for cosmetics packaging

In the dynamic world of cosmetics, packaging is more than just a means to an end. It is a crucial factor in presenting the product in an appealing way, while keeping it safe and hygienic. This is where the printing of the packaging plays a crucial role and encompasses both aesthetic and safety aspects.

Ebro Color understands the importance of safe packaging and uses food-safe ink when printing cosmetic packaging. This ensures that no potentially harmful substances are transferred to the cosmetic products. This is particularly important as many cosmetic products, such as creams and ointments, have direct skin contact and some are even intended for the lip and eye area.

The food-safe ink is not only safe, but also allows for vivid, clear printed images that are particularly effective on Ebro Color's high-quality board material. Combining design freedom with safety, Ebro Color thus offers its customers the opportunity to create safe and attractively designed cosmetic packaging that showcases their products while ensuring consumer protection.

The use of food-safe ink is just one example of Ebro Color's commitment to safety and quality in the manufacture of cosmetic packaging. Through constant innovation and the strictest quality controls, the company is always working to provide its customers with the best packaging solutions.

The result is cosmetic packaging that is safe and of the highest quality.

The result is cosmetics packaging that is not only safe and functional, but also impresses with its appealing design. With the diverse design options offered by Ebro Color's online shop, customers have the opportunity to turn their individual design ideas into reality. And all this using food-safe ink to ensure the safety of the cosmetic products.

The production of cosmetic packaging is a combination of science and art - and at Ebro Color, safety always comes first. By using food-safe ink, Ebro Color helps ensure that cosmetic products not only look good, but are also safe.

The importance of cardboard inserts in cosmetics packaging

Cardboard inserts for cosmetics packaging play a crucial role in terms of product protection and presentation. They are customised elements within the packaging that serve to position the cosmetic product safely and attractively. Their individual design allows them to be perfectly matched to the shape and size of the product, ensuring a secure hold and at the same time an appealing presentation. Cardboard inserts are not only practical, but also contribute to the sustainability agenda as they are made from renewable resources and can be easily recycled. In addition, the printability of cardboard allows for further personalisation and brand communication, providing the end consumer with a unique and premium unboxing experience.

Cardboard cosmetics packaging for different applications

What cosmetics packaging does Ebro Color offer?

If you run a business in the cosmetics industry, Ebro Color is the right contact for you when it comes to packaging your products attractively and safely. On the homepage you will find a wide range of boxes and cartons for cosmetics, including for example:

  • Boxes for face masks

  • Set packaging for nail varnish

  • Boxes for jars

  • Boxes for pump dispensers

  • Boxes for lotion bottles

  • Boxes for mascara pens and make-up sticks

  • Lipstick boxes

  • Jar boxes for creams and ointments

What are the advantages of boxes and cartons for cosmetics?

Jar boxes for creams and ointments or lipstick boxes as well as packaging for jars, pump dispensers and other cosmetic products have 2 major advantages compared to other packaging. Firstly, they are ideal as advertising media because the bright white top layer of the carton is easy to print on. Secondly, they also serve to inform customers. There is often no space for this on the actual product. Information on the application, ingredients, shelf life and more can be placed on boxes for lotion bottles or boxes for mascara sticks and make-up sticks, for example.

Can boxes and cartons for cosmetics be customised?

This is a matter of course at Ebro Color. In the online shop, every customer is important, not just bulk buyers who order thousands of boxes for lotion bottles, jars or pump dispensers at once. Customers can choose their individual design for boxes and cartons for cosmetics from an order quantity of 1 piece. On the homepage you will find a large selection of motifs from all walks of life. You can select the most suitable one and enter the text of your choice in the online editor. Alternatively, you can also use the punch outline download for each product. You create your own design and simply upload it during the order process. Of course, it is also possible to create customised packaging. Simply send an enquiry to Ebro Color so that we can advise you perfectly on your desired cosmetic packaging.

Ebro Color: Your partner for attractive cosmetic packaging

Ebro Color offers tailor-made solutions for cosmetics packaging. With a wide range of packaging solutions and the possibility of customisation, customers can find exactly the packaging that meets their needs. Ebro Color focuses on details and quality - from the print on the outside to the lid of the box. The focus is on customer satisfaction and the sustainable production of cosmetic packaging.

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