Discover Sustainable Cardboard Fan Merchandise at Ebro Color

Ebro Color leads in innovation with a unique range of sustainable cardboard fan merchandise. Our eco-friendly solutions offer a creative and responsible way to express your support and enthusiasm. From personalized fan hats to customizable clappers and practical beverage packaging – our products are perfect for any event, whether a sports occasion or a corporate celebration.

Our personalized fan merchandise presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand or message sustainably. Whether you’re looking for unique promotional items or planning your next big event, Ebro Color has the solution. Focusing on eco-friendliness and individuality, our cardboard fan merchandise helps create unforgettable experiences without harming the environment.

Unique Fan Merchandise for the Euro 2024

Ebro Color offers eco-friendly cardboard fan merchandise, ideal for the Euro 2024. With a wide range that includes customizable cardboard crowns to colorful fan hats, Ebro Color sets new standards in event merchandising.

Customizable Cardboard Crowns

Ebro Color presents a selection of cardboard crowns that can be tailored for fans of the German team.

Stylish Popcorn Bags and Fan Hats

For fans wanting to enjoy their snacks in style, Ebro Color offers custom-made popcorn bags. The fan hats are not only practical but also a real eye-catcher.

Clappers and Beverage Packaging

Ebro Color's clappers are the perfect accessory to enhance the atmosphere. The specially designed beverage packaging, such as Sixpack cartons, offers an attractive presentation of your drinks while conveying a promotional message.

Personalized Promotional Items for Businesses

Ebro Color recognizes that each public viewing event and fan gathering is unique. Therefore, the company offers personalized promotional items such as die-cut pieces in heart shapes or gift boxes and folding boxes to highlight your business or brand.

Design Fan Merchandise Online

At the Ebro Color Webshop, customers can not only conveniently purchase fan merchandise from home but also customize it individually. A special designer tool allows for the creation of products with a personal touch, such as choosing a unique background with the German flag in watercolor optics. These personalized items are perfect as giveaways to remain memorable at events or as promotional materials.

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