What does packaging mean?

Packaging refers to the process of erecting, filling and closing cartons and other packaging. At Ebro Color, this service includes both the precise erection of folding cartons - without filling them - as well as the complete filling and sealing process.

Just erecting folding cartons

Folding carton erection only is a specialised service aimed at allowing companies to provide just the structure of the carton without filling it immediately. This can be particularly useful for companies that want to fill their products at a later date or at a different location.

External finishing services from Ebro Color

The external packaging services provided by Ebro Color offer companies a number of advantages. In particular, for those companies that have limited space or resources internally, outsourcing this process represents a significant optimisation of space and resources. By transferring the packaging process, production and delivery bottlenecks can be avoided and throughput increased. This leads to an increase in efficiency. In addition, Ebro Color offers the highest quality standards through constant quality control. In economic terms, using external packaging services allows companies to optimise costs by outsourcing the process to specialised service providers instead of using internal resources and infrastructure.

Industry-specific customisation of carton solutions

Ebro Color offers converting solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of various industries

Service for packaging and folding carton assembly

Packing, whether it is simply erecting folding cartons or filling them completely, is an important aspect of the packaging process. Ebro Color offers this service to help companies optimise their packaging processes. It offers an efficient, high-quality and cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes and industries.