It is the first thing your customers see of you - the packaging of your product. Whether you ship from an online shop or whether you need packaging for products on site - we at ebro colour are your manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg and are happy if you decide to order your boxes directly from the producer. By eliminating the middleman, we are able to react even at short notice and deliver your packaging individually and creatively at the best price, of course with top material.

What can you pack with our packaging solutions?

Our carton finder will help you choose.

Our cartons are the wrapper for your products, whether for transport or for displaying products on site.

Some examples of what you will find in our range:

  • A packaging for burgers in the gastro sector - food packaging is not only about a great design but also about food hygiene and possibly a safe delivery

  • Packaging for tea - here, gift packaging and also shipping packaging are up for discussion, which, in addition to an appealing design, must again keep food safety in mind. Our top quality is excellently suited to protect foodstuffs.

  • Boxes for cosmetics - these should convey your customers' attitude to life and, in addition to practical, stackable dimensions, also fit visually into your range


We pack your product for shipping, for storage in the warehouse (keyword warehouse optimisation) or also for presentation in your shop.

In which sizes do you need your packaging material?

Set the scene for your content.

We provide your packaging in every conceivable height, depth and length - whatever size you want to wrap in corrugated board or cardboard - you'll find the perfect wrap with us.

You want unusual formats, unusual sizes or boxes with a special design? Just ask and we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Also remember: It's not just the external dimensions of your product that are decisive for our production - the purpose is also crucial, as this determines the ultimate choice of your packaging materials.

When placing your order, also make sure that you choose the dimensions for your shipping packaging so that there is also room for cushioning material.

Individual options

Many points speak for us.

We specialise in producing your optimum packaging. In addition to the easy handling of our packaging, we ensure with visual highlights, unusual colours, embossed or punched logos that your goods make your company recognisable at first glance - keyword corporate design. In this way, the shipping carton not only protects the products inside, but also directly delivers recognition value.

Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and can always be disposed of in the waste paper bin, regardless of whether they are used by business or private customers. In this way, your packaging and folding cartons also become true sustainability heroes. Of course, we make sure that we work in a resource-saving way and that as little waste as possible is produced.

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Whether standard size or individual formats - let our categories inspire you. You are welcome to request samples or order small quantities first. We will provide you with the appropriate templates from which you can then decide. Benefit now from our experience and high-quality materials. Contact us now


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