Packaging optimised for Amazon directly from the manufacturer


Whoever sells goods on Amazon also has to ship them. So it makes sense to use packaging optimised for shipping on Amazon. This not only saves valuable time, but also nerves. After all, the search for the right packaging can be a stressful affair.

Our packaging optimised for Amazon shipping is the ideal solution for you - whether you only sell something on Amazon now and then or have a large shop. Simply select the right model from the various sizes and order your packaging directly. With us, you benefit from numerous advantages: Our packaging optimised for Amazon is of tested quality and individually customisable.

Why optimised packaging for Amazon?

When you sell goods on the internet, it has to be fast. After all, the customer doesn't want to wait long for their order, and you want to get a good rating. Therefore, don't spend a lot of time looking for the right packaging, but instead use packaging optimised for Amazon!

Your customised packaging optimised for Amazon

Whether one-size-fits-all or customised dimensions: with us, you can individually adjust the size of your packaging optimised for Amazon. In this way, the packaging adapts to your goods - and not the other way round. In this way, you also score points with your customer with professionalism. Because we have all been annoyed by receiving goods in oversized packaging. With customised packaging optimised for Amazon, this can no longer happen to you. The setting is easy: simply set the desired dimensions for length, width and height, select the number of pieces - done. You will immediately receive a suitable offer with a sample for testing. Ordering individual packaging has never been so easy!

Packaging optimised for Amazon in your design

Packaging is no longer just a means of transport protection. They serve as advertising space and even as an instrument for customer loyalty. Visually appealing packaging increases customer anticipation or can contain important information about the product. That's why packaging optimised for Amazon is so valuable: it clearly sets you apart from the competition. It doesn't matter whether you have the company logo, a slogan or witty sayings printed on the packaging. Products of all kinds are now shipped with such personalised packaging. We make sure that our printing is of high quality, so that your customers really do get their hands on high-quality packaging.

Purchase optimised packaging directly from the manufacturer for Amazon


Sustainability and cost savings no longer have to contradict each other. With our Amazon optimised packaging, you get both. Since you receive the packaging directly from the producer, you benefit from short distribution channels, which reduces costs. At the same time, our packaging is produced in the region, which results in short shipping routes. Apart from that, we are your contact from the initial planning of your packaging to the final receipt, which makes it easier for you to clarify open questions.

That's why we are also happy to assist you with our friendly and competent service. Simply contact us if you have a question or concern - we will deal with it directly. For us, open and honest communication is the basis of a successful business relationship. Therefore, in future, rely on Ebro Color as your manufacturer for your packaging optimised for Amazon


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