How to turn a small gift into a remarkable present

Good biscuits are always a good gift, so you're usually right. These sweet little nibbles are sure to please everyone. Good baking alone isn't everything, but to complete the picture, you also need packaging in which the food is kept safe. A suitable wrapping, for example in the form of beautiful boxes, which is perhaps also personalised! The idea is particularly sustainable if the biscuit boxes are made of cardboard. Then, of course, the biscuit boxes need some indication of who they come from. With your logo on the cardboard, a special highlight or a matching picture, simple cardboard boxes can be turned into very personal biscuit boxes. You will find the matching folding boxes here in this section.

Boxes just the way you like them

Simple biscuit boxes in different sizes are available. Depending on the amount of biscuits you would like to pack. Other foodstuffs are of course also well kept in these folding boxes. There are various cardboard boxes to choose from, which can be folded quickly and easily. These folding boxes offer space for biscuits and other delicacies, they are designed for food. In no time at all, the cardboard boxes are folded into boxes.

Directly from the manufacturer entirely according to your wishes


The folding boxes are available in white or printed according to the customer's wishes. If you decide on customised packaging, make sure that it is recognisably yours at first glance! You can have your logo or lettering printed on the matching biscuit box, so you are sure to be remembered. We also offer a variety of additional finishing options. The crunchy treat will be associated with you and your company in a very positive way. The selection of cardboard boxes also offers various sizes. You are free to choose what suits your products best. You pick and choose and then decide how the box will be printed according to your wishes.

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