The bottle box as an indispensable part of presents

One thing is proven: A bottle of wine is certainly one of the most sought-after gifts in this country. The wine bottle is not only popular as a gift in the commercial sector; a fine drop is also appreciated among private individuals. With our bottle packaging, you can not only put the contents in the right light. Our boxes also ensure an attractive presentation of your small bottles. By the way, it doesn't always have to be wine. Spices, liqueurs or syrups are also filled into bottles. Everything that goes into a bottle can be stored in our fine cardboard box. The next celebration is sure to come and if you then give away printed boxes with a humid content, then you are doing everything right with our cardboard boxes.

Optimum protection for the jar

The same applies to the small bottle: most of these containers are made of glass. Therefore, their precious contents must be optimally protected. Our boxes are then the first choice, because without the appropriate cardboard packaging, this protection is not even possible. You should not save at the wrong end and give our folding cartons a fair chance. We even go one step further. In addition to the classic white packaging, we also offer you attractive printing. In doing so, you can realise all your wishes. Not only are all imaginable colours available to you, there are also no limits to the design. Our team prints the folding boxes in the highest quality and the print remains at a consistently high level even after several weeks and months of use. Your bottle box will therefore always show itself from its best side. If you choose our folding boxes, you will be delighted with the quality. Our cardboard boxes show how advertising works nowadays.

Even before opening, an advertising effect is achieved


Good advertising is priceless. With us, it is even available at an attractive price. We put your design on the bottle box and the folding boxes become a practical companion for you. There is room for both large and small bottles in our bottle boxes. Thanks to our help, the box for small bottles becomes an attractive bottle packaging. By the way, our folding boxes are made of solid cardboard. This way you make your contribution to environmental protection. You too can rely on our chic bottle boxes!

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