Printed box bags directly from the manufacturer

Our solid cardboard bags are an aesthetic eye-catcher at trade fairs or in shopping streets.

Box bags for every occasion

The box bag is the all-rounder par excellence. Box bags can be used for many things. They are particularly important in everyday office life, but they are also suitable as promotional gifts

Due to their use in transporting and archiving documents, box bags are also suitable for sending small objects, e.g. books, flyers or manuals. For this reason, it is impossible to imagine everyday business or private life without them.

We provide you with the perfect box bags for every occasion.

Why use box bags as packaging or storage boxes?

Carton bags can be used profitably in a wide variety of situations. On the one hand, cardboard bags are perfect as mailing bags for important documents. Their capacity is ideal for single sheets or long documents in thick sheets of paper. At the same time, they are both handy and compact.

On the other hand, box bags can also be used to store important documents and document sheets and are easy to archive due to their user-friendly shape. Tax documents, personal documents and case files can be stored in a space-saving way using box bags, without thick folders taking up shelf space. This makes the box bag a multifunctional all-rounder in everyday office life, in logistics and also in private life.

Cardboard bags offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging for gift items. In this way, they contribute to a better eco-balance. For this reason, box bags are increasingly in demand as packaging or storage boxes.

Cardboard bags in A3, cardboard bags in A4 and much more

Our range includes box bags in the most common formats. These include, for example, the well-known box bags in A3 or A4, but also lesser-known sizes. In addition, we can also produce made-to-measure in order to be able to respond to more unusual requests.

Buy printed box bags

Would you like to have your box bags delivered printed? Nothing could be easier. On our website, you can discover and combine a variety of different printing forms, printing colours or printing types.

With us you get box bags tailored to your personal requirements. We deliver the cardboard bags printed and individualise them according to your ideas. Depending on the occasion, different types of printing are available. Everything is up to your wishes. We take care of the fast processing and deliver your box bags to you quickly and reliably.

Do you still have questions? We will be happy to advise you by phone or email.

The advantages of box bags at a glance

  • Easily recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Handy and respectable
  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • More stable than conventional paper packaging

Box bags as packaging or storage: your all-purpose weapon

Box bags have long been an integral part of processes in clerical work, shipping, and even the storage of important documents, both in the office and in one's own study.

With us you can get your desired box bags printed or unprinted, large or small, custom-made or uniform. Whether you want your box bags in A4 or another size in a small volume or have a large order for us, we look forward to your enquiry.

Possible uses of the box bags

Box bags are widely used in the modern packaging and advertising landscape and offer versatile applications. Their attractive design and the possibility of custom printing make them not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the most common applications:


Box bags are an excellent way to present gifts in an elegant and stylish way. They can be printed with individual designs or messages to make the gift even more personal. Especially for higher value gifts, the box bag adds an extra layer of sophistication.


For businesses that distribute promotional gifts or materials, printed box bags are an excellent choice. They serve not only as packaging, but also as a marketing tool. Printed with a company logo or promotional message, the box bag becomes a walking billboard, increasing brand visibility.


At trade fairs it is important to leave a lasting impression. In this context, box bags can serve as high-quality packaging for product samples, catalogues or information material. Their robust construction ensures that even heavier items can be transported safely, and the possibility of individual printing makes it possible to communicate the corporate identity effectively.


Printed box bags are therefore a versatile, practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for a variety of packaging and promotional needs. They offer the opportunity to effectively showcase both the product and the brand.

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