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As a specialist for packaging, we offer you packaging solutions of all kinds. We rely on cardboard as a stable and high-performance material to produce box packaging that meets a wide range of requirements. We produce customised boxes for the retail trade, for foodstuffs as well as for shipping according to the requirements of our customers. In the process, our box packaging can be printed to match your brand.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Packaging Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes have proven to be an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic for years. In doing so, they offer numerous advantages. Cardboard is an inexpensive material that can be sourced from forests around the world. Part of the packaging cardboard therefore also comes from European wood. Recycled material makes up the other part. The cardboard of the box packaging is disposed of in the waste paper and can soon be used again for other purposes. Waste avoidance is also a top priority for us.

The stability of the cardboard packaging boxes speaks for itself. Cardboard can withstand long transport distances and storage under unusual conditions. The box packaging is convincing due to its foldability and low weight. Easy storage and transport - this becomes reality with our packaging solutions. Cardboard also proves to be an inexpensive material.

Packaging box with logo: customise now!

Another plus point is the convertibility of the box packaging. Not only do you get them in all kinds of shapes. The design is also freely selectable. In addition to plain boxes for storage, we also produce packaging boxes with logos. We offer the right box for every occasion.

As a rule, all surfaces of a classic box packaging can be printed. For an elegant look, for example, your logo can be applied to a dark background. But special designs with a lot of attention to detail also look good on cardboard. On request, we can also finish your box packaging for that certain something.

Customised boxes for all purposes

In addition to tried-and-tested standard sizes, we also offer custom-made boxes that are tailored exactly to your needs. This helps to store your products safely and at the same time saves space and money when displaying, storing and delivering.

Our most important unique selling point: with us, you receive all services from a single source. First, we advise you to find the right solution for your project. Then we produce your packaging in no time at all, print it and finish it on request. Changes as well as repeat orders - no problem for us. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you, adapted to the purpose of your box packaging.

Buy packaging boxes: We will be happy to advise you

For years, we have been serving customers from all industries and have thus been able to master a wide variety of tasks. This is how we became specialists for packaging solutions and implement all orders with heart and soul, from sample solutions to special orders

Are you interested? Then we will be happy to send you a sample of our box packaging so that you can convince yourself of our quality first hand. Afterwards, we will prepare an individual offer for you upon request.

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