As high quality as your contents: appealing boxes for that extra bit of health

Nutritional supplements to enhance healthy nutrition are more in demand than ever. Customers looking for the right product set high standards for the quality and purity of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and specially prepared substances. After all, the preparations are supposed to embody pure health in concentrated form and serve to preserve it.

Whether pure substances, plant extracts, probiotics or preparations of animal origin: trust in the quality of the end product therefore plays the main role in your customers' decision. High-quality outer packaging promises first-class contents at first glance. Also and especially when it comes to health. Because external care allows the right conclusions to be drawn: that the consumer is dealing with high-quality goods.

Boxes for food supplements: a must for safety


Blisters, drinking ampoules and other glass containers absolutely require secondary packaging, ideally cardboard boxes. Regardless of whether your food supplements are pre-packaged in dropper or pipette vials, glass jars, as drinking cures in individual ampoules or tablets and capsules in foil blisters: they are all best kept in folding boxes, especially for safety reasons. Practical plastic containers with tablets, pills or capsules can also only gain with our boxes for food supplements. Just like medicines, they are safer in folding cartons from transport damage and tampering and are happy to take additional contents with them in the form of package inserts, flyers or sample packs.


Special requirements for food supplements

Packaging for food supplements must, according to law and regulations, generally provide the customer with extensive minimum information:

  • Designation as a food supplement
  • .
  • Characterisation of the nutrients and other substances
  • .
  • Ingredient list
  • Recommendation for use
  • Nutritional information
  • Warning information
  • Minimum durability date
  • Quantity information
  • Manufacturer's information

Countless possibilities for your cartons: from ampoule box to embossed folding box with foil window


The special requirements for compulsory labelling of food supplements can be met very effectively with cardboard boxes without having to forego a sales-promoting design. Quite the contrary.

With EBROCOLOR as your partner, you can get your individually designed and printed boxes and folding cartons directly from the manufacturer. We can supply you with printed boxes in standard sizes in quantities of 1 piece or more, and individual small runs of 100 pieces or more. Inexpensive, fast and in first-class quality. Our modern machinery guarantees the greatest possible flexibility. Whatever you want: We can realise die-cutting and foil windows, hangers, inserts with divisions, embossing and much more.


We prefer folding boxes made of white cardboard, which we print in high-quality Euroscale four-colour printing (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) according to your specifications. This allows almost all colour nuances to be reproduced in photo quality. We can create special exclusivity for you with special colours up to and including metallic effects.

But there is even more. How about a solid-coloured cardboard in one of our 24 colours, for example? Matching your brand design or as a completely independent new creation. What do you think of a noble foil lamination or protective coating? For subsequent application of the required best-before date and any batch designations, we will of course cut out the relevant area.

Take advantage of our variety, take a look around here and make an enquiry via the online form on the page for the box shape of your choice. Or get in touch with us: we are happy to be there for you, to advise and to prepare a quotation.

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