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From hairbrushes to shoe brushes to massage brushes - our four walls are full of brushes. Some we store in the bathroom cupboard, some with our cleaning utensils. But for only a few brushes do we have the right packaging at hand. Ebro Color wants to change that. Our cardboard brush boxes bring order to the home.

Brush packaging - purely a matter of taste

Brush packaging for the bathroom


In the bathroom, a large supply of various brushes accumulates. From body brushes to toothbrushes and nail brushes - in a wide variety of sizes, colours and formats, these little everyday helpers support us in our daily care. Reason enough to protect these sensitive brushes. And what better way to protect them than in our robust folding boxes? In the hairbrush box, toothbrush box or nailbrush box, the sensitive brush heads arrive fresh, clean and intact at the customer. But that's not all: our durable cosmetic brush boxes, massage brush boxes and body brush boxes also bring these clever everyday assistants into the bathroom in top shape.

Printed cardboard boxes for the shoe rack


We can also make good use of a brush or two away from the bathroom - especially the shoe brush. In just a few easy steps, it makes our shoes shine again. But to make sure that not only the shoes but also the brush shines, we have designed our shoe brush box. The sturdy cardboard packaging cleverly shields the bristles and handle from external influences such as heat, cold and dust particles. So the customer gets a top product with every purchase.

The visual difference

Whether it's a brush for the bathroom cabinet or for the shoe rack, good brush packaging makes a visual difference. We at Ebro Color know how to give folding boxes that certain something. With a lot of flair, colour sense and attention to detail, we transform our boxes into little works of art. For minimalist tastes, we recommend plain boxes with discreet printing - especially white cardboard packaging. We set cheerful and colourful accents with extravagant folding boxes. Bright colours, artistically decorated lettering, catchy logos or colourful patterns breathe life into folding boxes - from cosmetic brushes to body brushes. May we convince you of our cardboard packaging? We will be happy to send you a free sample of our cardboard boxes on request. Can you feel the subtle difference?

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