Business cards make getting to know each other a lasting memory

The handing over of business cards still plays a significant role in the increasingly digital business world. Business cards make a decisive contribution to the first impression. They do not simply provide information about a person, but the gesture of handing over the card expresses appreciation and the giver remains in the recipient's memory for a long time. The small business cards have already initiated many successful business deals. Accordingly, they should be stored with care, because only immaculate copies serve their purpose. A business card box or business card case is the ideal place to store the cards.

Business cards perfectly protected in cardboard boxes or folding boxes as packaging


In cardboard packaging, the business card stock is stored protected from dust, stains and creases. The cards are always in their fixed place. Before the next business appointment, all you need to do is reach for them and you are already equipped with fresh cards. And the storage boxes are really something to behold. Ebro Color designs folding boxes according to the customer's wishes: from neutral white to colourful shades, metallic effects or graphic patterns to imaginative or extravagant designs. It is also possible to incorporate logos and slogans - especially useful for business card packaging. As if that were not enough, Ebro Color also offers embossing and deep embossing. Such attractive boxes truly no longer need to be hidden away in a drawer. They belong on the desk or counter.

Business card box: hardly ordered - already there!

You are thrilled by the sight of the business card box? Can't wait until you have one of these in your house? The sooner you order your cardboard boxes or folding boxes from us, the sooner you will get your business card box: designed according to one of our templates or individually according to your ideas. We will be happy to advise you personally and send you a free sample on request.

We deliver within Germany in just a few days - and always in excellent product quality. Ebro Color is a professional and the perfect partner in the business of folding cartons and folding boxes. Get to know us! We are already looking forward to your order.


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