The best calendar packaging: folding cartons, folding boxes and cardboard boxes

The product calendar requires special packaging. After all, customers want items that are free from damage of any kind. And that is understandable, because a decorative calendar item should give pleasure to the person for whom it is intended for at least a year. And in many cases calendars are used far beyond this period. Cracked or scratched goods do not meet the justified demands of consumers. To ensure that calendar items of various kinds are stored safely and also remain adequately protected alongside shipping packaging, we offer high-quality folding cartons, folding boxes and cardboard boxes as the ideal calendar packaging or calendar box.


The design

You can get customised boxes from us for larger order quantities and matching standard packaging for orders with smaller quantities. With the protective wrappings, you dress your goods as attractively and elegantly as with a perfectly fitting designer suit. To make sure that everything is right with the shape before you order the cardboard packaging, we offer to send you a sample in neutral white. With such a sample, many designers can best achieve their beautiful inspirations for the cardboard design with printing and, if necessary, other design features; but there are also creatives who prefer the purely digital work on the computer. We also offer the appropriate tools for this on our website. Either way, by uploading your visuals you can see what a configured envelope would look like as a finished product or calendar box.

The calendar box as a unit

A printed cardboard packaging for a calendar item ideally forms a unit with its contents. At the same time, it is often desirable and sensible to create a link to the manufacturer of the calendar item through the design of the boxes. Thanks to our modern high-tech equipment for the production of folding cartons, folding boxes, cardboard boxes and many other types of boxes, you also have freedom with regard to the colour design or further finishing, just as with the variety of shapes. We can also make the insertion of viewing windows or embossing possible for your cardboard packaging. Last but not least, environmental protection also plays a role, as with every type of packaging. We will be happy to advise you on the design, please contact our sales department.

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