Customised cardboard packaging for premium car care

Welcome to Ebro Color, your expert for high-quality folding boxes and cardboard packaging specially designed for car care products. In an industry where presentation is just as important as the quality of the contents, we offer customised packaging solutions that will make your products stand out in the market.

Why choose Ebro Colour for your car care products

Excellent material quality and design variety

Ebro Color stands for outstanding quality and creativity. Our folding boxes, made from first-class cardboard, are not only robust and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether glossy or matt, with elaborate patterns or a simple design - we offer a wide range of customisation options to represent your brand in the best possible way.</p

Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

Sustainability is important to us. Our cardboard packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable, making it the ideal choice for eco-conscious brands. With Ebro Colour, you are sending a strong signal for ecological responsibility.</p

Customisation to specific requirements

Every car care product is unique, and so is its packaging. From small folding boxes for polishes to larger packaging for car shampoos, we offer flexible size and shape options to meet your specific needs.

Our product range for car care products

High-quality printing options

Our advanced printing technologies allow every detail of your brand to be accurately and vividly displayed. From eye-catching graphics to subtle colour gradients, we make sure your packaging catches the eye.

Innovative closing and opening mechanisms

Functionality is at the centre of our packaging. Innovative closure solutions guarantee that your products are safe and secure, while easy-to-open mechanisms ensure convenient handling.

Protection and durability

Our folding cartons are designed to effectively protect your products during transport and at retail. We ensure that your car care products reach your customers in perfect condition.

Ebro Color - your partner for success in the car care sector

Personalised service and advice

Our team at Ebro Color works closely with you to develop the perfect packaging solution for your car care products. From conception to final production, we are here to help and advise you.

Fast delivery and reliable quality

With modern production facilities and an efficient logistics network, we guarantee fast delivery times and consistently high quality so that you can reduce your time to market.

Start your packaging journey with Ebro Colour

Are you ready to take your car care products to the next level with customised, high-quality folding cartons from Ebro Color? Contact us today to find out more about our customised packaging solutions and receive a personalised quote.

We look forward to working with you to create packaging that not only protects your products, but also strengthens your brand and increases your sales.

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