Cardboard trays and compartments from Ebro Color: versatile packaging solutions

Ebro Color specialises in the production of high-quality cardboard trays that are ideal for a wide range of applications, including chocolate boxes and advent calendars. By using environmentally friendly materials such as corrugated cardboard and solid board, Ebro Color guarantees the quality and stability of its packaging products.

Application areas of the cardboard boxes

Cardboard trays from Ebro Color offer an environmentally friendly and flexible solution for the safe and attractive presentation of products. Particularly noteworthy are the possible applications for chocolate boxes and advent calendars, where the aesthetics and protection of the contents are of crucial importance. These cardboard inserts can be customised to meet any shape, size and requirement, providing an ideal packaging solution for delicate and high-value products.

Customised solutions for maximum customer satisfaction

Ebro Color attaches great importance to customisation and customer satisfaction. Customers have the option of customising the dimensions, material, colour and print of their carton boxes to create a packaging solution that is perfectly tailored to their product. With a wide range of finishing options, including the printing of brand logos or designs, Ebro Color helps companies to strengthen their brand identity and improve the recognition of their products.

Advantages of the cardboard trays from Ebro Color

  • Environmentally friendly: As an alternative to plastic packaging, cardboard trays from Ebro Color offer an environmentally friendly packaging solution.
  • Flexibility and customisation: Dimensions, shape, material and printing can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Optimal protection and presentation: The stability and aesthetics of the cardboard compartments ensure the safe storage and attractive presentation of the products.

Contact and personalised advice

Ebro Color invites all interested parties to discover the advantages of its cardboard compartments for themselves. With a focus on quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction, Ebro Color is ready to work with its customers to develop the ideal packaging solution for every product. For a personal consultation or more information about the products and services, please contact Ebro Color directly.

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