Ebro Color: Your partner for customised cube boxes

Ebro Color, known for its expertise in the production of high-quality printed folding cartons, also manufactures promotional cubes available in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the diverse needs of different industries. With its commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and excellent customer service, the company confirms its status as a leading authority in the packaging industry.

The advantages of Ebro Colors cube boxes

Sustainable material

Ebro Color deliberately chooses chromo board for the production of its cube boxes, a material that is characterised by its environmental friendliness and durability. The cardboard consists mainly of recycled paper, while the surface layers are made from new pulp, which ensures excellent print quality.</p

Perfect symmetry

The cube shape that Ebro Color uses for its boxes is characterised by a natural symmetry. Each side of the cube box is the same size, which is not only visually appealing, but also ensures consistent branding and presentation.

Practicality and efficiency

Ebro Colors folding cartons are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. The user-friendly tabs and slots eliminate the need for additional fastening materials, making the packaging process more economical and practical.

Customisation and adaptability

Customised designs

Ebro Color offers its customers the option of customising cube boxes with individual designs. Whether for seasonal events or specific advertising campaigns, the company enables customised designs from an order quantity of just 10 pieces.

Variety of size options

With sizes ranging from small boxes for jewellery to large packaging for electronics, Ebro Color demonstrates its flexibility in adapting to customer needs.

Unique packaging solutions

Aside from standard sizes, Ebro Color also produces cube boxes according to individual specifications. This service enables customers to receive packaging that is precisely tailored to the dimensions of their products.</p

Quality printing and robust materials

Detailed printing

Ebro Color's printing processes are geared towards precisely realising every detail of the customer's wishes. The use of high-quality colours and different grammages creates cube boxes that are both visually and haptically impressive

Corrugated cardboard for extra strength

For products that require reinforced packaging, Ebro Color also offers boxes made from corrugated cardboard. This option ensures greater resilience and protection of the contents.

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