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As a renowned manufacturer of customised cardboard packaging, Ebro Color offers high-quality packaging solutions, specially designed for smaller sanitary ware and fittings. We combine quality and customer satisfaction to create the most suitable packaging for your products.

The power of cardboard: Versatile and attractive packaging solutions from Ebro Color

Cardboard is the ideal material for packaging fittings and sanitary accessories due to its flexibility and stability. Ebro Color offers a wide range of packaging options, from folding cartons to specially designed cardboard boxes that serve both for transport and as attractive sales packaging.

Protect and shine: Packaging that puts your products in the best light

Cardboard packaging from Ebro Color not only guarantees the protection and integrity of your products, but also their presentation in the best light. They help maintain the value of your fittings and make them easier to care for and clean, while at the same time acting as attractive sales packaging.

Sustainable packaging solutions from Ebro Color

As a responsible manufacturer, Ebro Color focuses on environmentally friendly solutions. Our cardboard packaging is recyclable, making it a sustainable choice without compromising the quality and protection of your products.

Packaging for a wide range of sanitary products

Our cardboard packaging is ideal for a wide range of small sanitary items. Faucets, shower heads, drain sets, pipe fittings or installation accessories - each of these products benefits from Ebro Color's secure and attractive packaging solution. They ensure that your products are optimally protected and presented both in transit and on the retail shelf.

Ebro Color: your partner for optimal packaging solutions

With a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the sanitary industry, we at Ebro Color offer individually tailored packaging solutions. Our goal is to present your products in the best possible way and at the same time protect them safely. For more information on our cardboard packaging for fittings and sanitary accessories or for specific enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discover the perfect packaging for your products with us.

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