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Cartons with lids are popular as versatile packaging solutions. Cardboard boxes with lids have already proven their worth for display on shop shelves, for giving as gifts or as shipping containers. Their robust material as well as the easily closable lid have played a decisive role in making cardboard boxes with lids in A4 one of the universal solutions for packaging. With Ebro Color, you not only get cartons in your desired quantity. The surfaces of the cardboard box with lid can also be printed in your own design. In this way, you can obtain cardboard boxes with lids with recognition value in no time at all - directly from the manufacturer.

What is special about cardboard boxes with lids?

Simplicity, stability and the best all-round protection - these are the characteristics of boxes with lids. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and thus protect the contents from external influences. Custom-made boxes with lids have not only established themselves as inexpensive and versatile product packaging. They are also popular for shipping goods. You can choose from a wide range of formats and designs, so that your boxes with lids can also be adapted to your products at a favourable price.

Popular cardboard boxes with lids include the classic design with a simple hinged lid. However, telescope boxes as well as boxes with lids made of corrugated cardboard for shipping with additional flaps for that special measure of hold also offer countless advantages. If you would like to buy suitable boxes with lids, we offer you not only the usual solutions but also custom-made products that fit your products perfectly - for example boxes with lids in XXL. Always included: their unmistakable design.

Buy cardboard box with lid: Versatile packaging solutions

Cartons with lids present themselves in a simple form and are ready for use within seconds. Storage and standardisation of logistics benefit from this. At the same time, the box with lid can be produced in a variety of formats. With Ebro Color, you thus receive your cardboard box in a size that leaves little free space and makes no false promises about the contents. Your goods are also perfectly protected in coordinated cartons.

Cardboard boxes with lids in A4 are among the most popular dimensions for packaging, as not only the products but also delivery notes and invoices can be accommodated in the box without damage. But even the production and printing of cartons with lids in XXL is one of our areas of expertise. The material, design and quantity of your boxes with lids can be individually coordinated with Ebro Color to your satisfaction.

You can use finished cardboard boxes with lids for a wide variety of purposes. Almost all goods for sale to end customers can be packaged with the box with lid in no time at all - toys, cosmetics and medicines are just a few examples. Customised boxes with lids, on the other hand, are also suitable for B2B trade. Boxes with lids are also ideal for packaging gifts for customers. Safe and robust cardboard boxes with lids are also indispensable in shipping.

Cartons with lids: quality direct from the manufacturer

Buying boxes with lids from Ebro Color pays off for you. You get your packaging solutions directly from the manufacturer and save yourself the intermediate step via the dealer. Your boxes with lids are not only available at an advantageous price. You can also coordinate the design and format of your box with lid with us exactly according to your ideas. In this way, you can experience the quality of your boxes with lids at first hand.

Many customers before you have been able to convince themselves of our quality promise and have thus received boxes with lids that were one hundred percent tailored to the respective purpose. The material and workmanship of the boxes with lids have proven themselves over the years and thus help you with the safe shipping and uncomplicated storage of your boxes made of cardboard. Convince yourself now of our custom-made boxes with lids!

Impressive design quality for your boxes with lids

Only with the imprint does your custom-made box with lid become perfect. This creates the ideal conditions for using your box for sales, for giving as a gift or for clear storage. Thanks to the latest printing technologies, the print on your box with lid stands out from the crowd. Via logos, slogans or sophisticated designs, you will achieve unparalleled success with our cardboard boxes with lids.

Whether cardboard boxes with lids in A4 or cardboard boxes with lids in XXL - we guarantee you the excellent quality you deserve.

Buy cardboard boxes with lids and save money

No intermediary traders, favourable standard sizes and attractive quantity discounts - thanks to Ebro Color's cardboard boxes with lids, you save money. We would be happy to send you a sample of our boxes

We always produce boxes with lids in A4, boxes with lids in XXL as well as individual special requests to your satisfaction.

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