Resistance futile

Dress makes the man, as the saying goes. The same applies to chocolates and fine pralines, which are all the more tempting when they come in an attractive wrapper. Thanks to our chic folding boxes, resistance really is futile! Whether you're making classic chocolates, chocolate bars, sweet treats for Easter and Christmas or traditional chocolate bars: We provide you with the optimal packaging for your product. Because you decide on the format and appearance of the cardboard box you need for your confectionery or chocolate. You can get customised folding boxes from us for as little as 100 pieces. This is guaranteed to make your customers go weak.

Make your cardboard boxes unique

We are also happy to produce boxes with rather unusual dimensions for you. For example, triangular, octagonal or trapezoidal variants are also possible for praline boxes or chocolate boxes. Please feel free to use our personal telephone service to let us advise you and find the most suitable solution for you. But it is not only the dimensions of the packaging that make your goods unique. First of all, you can choose whether you would like to have our boxes delivered in neutral white or printed as desired. As far as the visual design is concerned, you have every conceivable option, because our boxes made of sturdy cardboard can be completely printed all around - regardless of whether you prefer a boldly colourful or rather a noble, restrained colour scheme.

Raffinated details make your product unmistakable


If you want a particularly characteristic and elegant touch for your product, we also offer various special effects for the boxes: Die-cuts, sophisticated embossing, individual sections in a highly glossy or matt metallic look or transparent foil windows in the carton that reveal the seductively sweet inner life and make resistance futile. All these refinements help you to make your merchandise truly distinctive.

A wide range of chocolate boxes

Flat folding boxes are particularly suitable for packaging classic chocolate bars in. These narrow boxes with a flap are very handy and fit easily into any handbag. For fine confectionery, on the other hand, we recommend more voluminous boxes of chocolates, which allow enough storage space to keep the goods airy and shock-free. A box that is not quite full also gives the customer the impression of special exclusivity.

Highest quality and fast delivery

Over 2,000 mainly medium-sized companies are already among our satisfied clientele. Our customers appreciate not only the consistently high quality of our cardboard boxes, but also the fast, reliable delivery directly from the manufacturer. For your satisfaction we also offer a special service: Once you have decided on a particular folding box, you can test it free of charge before finally ordering the product in full quantity. Upon your request, we will then gladly send you a free sample of your folding box, made to your individual measurements.

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