Christmas folding boxes

Welche Faltschachtel wird Ihres Auswahl?

Your own packaging as gift wrapping or as praline wrapping - there are no limits to your imagination with us.

Every year a celebration comes and every year so many are surprised that it is already that time again, the talk is of Christmas. Known all year round, always on the same date and yet always a challenge for retailers and also for customers.

We offer individual packaging, printed. Whether you need packaging as a shipping box, such as for wine packaging, or whether you need a paper bag to hand over the gift appropriately or the right product packaging - we print packaging professionally and are also happy to advise you in this area. You have a question about our packaging technology - just contact us.

Order gift packaging online

Ihre Faltschachtel – individuell und weihnachtlich bedruck

You want your products to be delivered from your shop to the customer not only safely (folding boxes), but also nicely packaged (keyword festivals such as Christmas, Easter, holidays)? Then we are the right contact for you. Whether the product is to be gift-wrapped or whether we are to print an outer packaging, for example, which is simply put over the actual box - the possibilities of printed, individual packaging are almost endless.

Cardboard gift boxes - individually printed

Welche Faltschachtel kommt auf Ihre Merkliste?

Should it be just the wine bottle or should there also be some nibbles and a chocolate in the packaging? Would you perhaps like to have a personal message printed on the packaging for your staff? Think about the difficult times - reward and show your staff that it is nice that they stand by you, that they experience these times together with you and strengthen your staff relationship.

Gift hampers and jewellery packaging individual

Eine hohe Verfügbarkeit ist selbstverständlich.

Attractive packaging makes what is inside that little bit more special, more valuable. Show your customers, your employees with gift packaging that it was a good decision to work for you. Say thank you for the year, end it on a positive note and let the whole team start a new year joyfully. We can help with custom printed, secure shipping packaging, outer boxes to protect and highlight products.

Gift packaging for every occasion

Gestalten Sie Ihre individuelle Faltschachtel

Gift wrapping is also a good way to store and offer as an additional sale in your own online shop - many online senders have included the question "Is this a gift?" So quickly in this case you have a few more euros of shopping basket value, because people don't still want to stand at home and wrap. Offer the jewellery boxes, in your colour, in your individual style that suits your product.

Order folding boxes online and have them printed - we are the experts for everything to do with individual packaging. We will be happy to advise you. Just get in touch (link) and we'll get back to you.

Gift packaging with logo

Mit Logo direkt einen Wiedererkennungswert schaffen

Even before the recipient knows what is inside the packaging, they will recognise your brand logo and then associate that positively with the gift in the future. We have a wide range in colour and price of boxes and all the information you need to consider when gift wrapping. We can also supply filling material on request, even printed if you wish. We have all the information you need about gift wrapping from our range and we are also happy to send you samples so you can see for yourself the quality of our packaging and the paper we use.

Coloured Cardboard Folding Boxes with Fabric Loop for Christmas

Discover the festive variety and creativity of our colourful cardboard boxes with fabric loops at Christmas time. These vibrant gift boxes give your presents a radiant and attention-grabbing look. Their sturdy, yet attractive boxes are made from high quality coloured cardboard and feature an elegant fabric loop for easy handling and an attractive finish. Whether for Christmas or other special winter occasions, the coloured cardboard boxes with fabric loops add an extra touch of sophistication and festivity to any gift-giving occasion. Give your Christmas gifts a distinctive look with our coloured cardboard boxes that are as unique as the people receiving them.

Sturdy boxes made from coloured cardboard for Christmas

The sturdy boxes for Christmas made of coloured cardboard from Ebro Color perfectly combine utility and beauty. The outside is made of a fully dyed recycled cardboard that impresses with intense colours and a pleasant feel. For extra strength, this cardboard is combined with a brown recycled corrugated cardboard. While the outer layer shines in your preferred colour, the inside and the bottom present themselves in a natural brown. Of course, these sturdy boxes for Christmas can also be individually printed or refined.

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