Colour boxes

Whether it is the colour of your logo, your favourite colour, a specific Pantone or HKS colour or a special colour description, a large part of the colour space can be covered when colouring folding boxes. The colour can either be applied as a special colour (e.g. Pantone, HKS or RAL colours) or be composed of cyan, magenta, yellow and black in a 4-colour print. An alternative to printing is also the use of a solid-coloured fine cardboard. The advantage of this is that the reverse side and the edges of the cardboard also appear in the same colour. We have a choice of 25 coloured cardboards. We will be happy to send you samples of these.

Coloured boxes made of through-dyed fine cardboard from Ebro Color: Uniform colour brilliance for your packaging

Are you looking for a special coloured packaging solution? Ebro Color has the answer with its coloured boxes made of solid-coloured fine cardboard. Unlike conventional boxes, which are only printed on the surface, Ebro Color offers boxes that are dyed throughout: Both the front and the back and the edges appear in the same intense shade.

Coloured boxes in different shapes

Coloured boxes can be made in many different shapes. Here are a few examples. We are happy to help you find the right shape for your packaging challenge.

Pillow boxes: extremely popular for good reason

Pillow boxes are a popular variant of coloured boxes. Their special shape makes them very eye-catching and aesthetic at the same time. Cushion-shaped coloured boxes are inexpensive to produce and easy to seal. They are also preferred for product packaging and look particularly attractive as printed folding boxes. Many different sizes are possible. Coloured boxes are ideal for packaging laundry, T-shirts and promotional gifts, but also for gastronomic products such as apple pockets & Co. Pillow boxes are quick to make up, but because they are curved on both sides they are not as easy to store as cuboid coloured boxes. However, this is quickly made up for by the high attention value. EBRO COLOR can also print these coloured boxes on all sides, which is normally done in four-colour printing according to Euroscale. The printing technique allows for an almost infinite number of colour nuances.

Coloured boxes make marketing dreams come true

Coloured boxes: limitless variety in print design

Whether folding boxes, boxes with colourful stripes, coloured boxes with lids, boxes with individual logos or with a special finish, almost anything is possible at EBRO COLOR. A very large part of the colour spectrum can be covered when colouring coloured boxes, so that your desired colour is guaranteed to be included. As an alternative to the print design for coloured boxes, you can of course also use solid-coloured cartons. These boxes have the advantage that the reverse side has the same colour as the front side, creating a very uniform look. There are 25 great colours available for solid-coloured cardboard boxes. Of course, we can also customise these boxes with your personal design for your individual packaging small print run.

Coloured boxes: Quality printing in your corporate design

We are happy to realise your individual short-run packaging in your corporate design. Here, too, many different shapes and materials are available. We realise your coloured boxes in high-quality digital or offset printing and can offer a whole range of materials: Whether you want kraft cardboard, natural cardboard or recycled cardboard, we create coloured boxes in an exciting range and with your personal print design. Bear in mind that the print will look different on each material, so we will be happy to advise you on the material properties.

Thousendassa folding box: one shape, infinite looks

In order for coloured boxes with or without lids to stand out from the crowd of competitors, short-run individual packaging also needs a special print design. Hardly any packaging solution is better suited for this than the folding box. Coloured boxes for folding are the classics among packaging solutions and ideal for the retail trade. Because the demand and possibilities of these boxes are so outstanding, EBRO COLOR also offers folding boxes in a remarkable variety. Choose from folding boxes with tuck-in flap, Euro hole and tuck-in bottom, with click closure or even with security closure. They can all be realised with your personal print design. We will be happy to assist you with the choice of colours and the design of your coloured boxes - of course also for your individual packaging in small quantities.


Coloured boxes can be printed or finished in different ways; here are a few examples.

Through-coloured fine cardboard direct from the manufacturer

We have the through-dyed fine cardboard in stock in 25 different shades. The open-pored surface gives the packaging a special natural character. All colour shades are made from 100% recycled fibres. Depending on the colour shade, it is recommended to underprint the printed images with opaque white using UV printing.

Also in combination with foil embossing or blind embossing, a very valuable look is created on the colour cardboard.

An attractive coloured fine cardboard for more sustainability

Cardboard packaging is currently very trendy, because it is environmentally friendly, contemporary and attractive at the same time. Folding boxes in particular are quick to produce and can be printed individually. This offers great advantages to entrepreneurs in all industries. They are thus able to react flexibly to demand and adapt the packaging to the respective collection.

A real eye-catcher: coloured packaging made of cardboard

It is the colour that makes the box interesting. If the fine cardboard is coloured, then the shade is particularly easy to combine with the packaging design. We carry dyed fine cardboard in 25 different shades in our wide-ranging assortment. White is one of the most popular shades. The neutral colour offers a wide range of combination and design possibilities. Coloured prints look particularly good on a white surface. They then have an intensive radiance. Underprinting with opaque white in UV printing makes sense for some colour tones and motifs. Other shades also offer clear advantages. If the fine board is coloured, the optical effect of many printing inks changes and gives the board an exclusive touch. For example, it is possible that bright colours appear warmer on a coloured background and that the dyed board softens strong nuances and changes them in a positive way.

Fine cardboard dyed: ecological and functional

Whoever opts for a fine cardboard dyed purchases a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. The cardboard used for the production of the white and coloured cardboard consists of 100 percent recycled fibres. This conserves resources and also convinces the recipients of the folding boxes and other packaging materials. Of course, the cardboard can be recycled without any problems after use. This closes the cycle. A coloured fine cardboard is an energy-efficient and contemporary form of packaging.

Dyed folding boxes as a real eye-catcher

If the fine cardboard is coloured, then it forms the basis for the production of colourful and individually printed packaging. These immediately catch the eye due to their attractive design. Because the fine cardboard is coloured, it has an attractive appearance. But it also pleases with its beautiful, open-pored surface, which has a natural effect on the viewer and feels very pleasant when brushed over it. In short, the look and feel are fantastic.

Various design possibilities

A fine cardboard coloured and designed with printing is a visual highlight. Moreover, the material can be processed in different ways so that its structure and shape change. For example, blind and foil embossing give the cardboard an exclusive look. We also use various modern machines to manufacture our high-quality products. For example, we process the fine cardboard with a cutting or punching machine. It is possible to punch out parts and thus give the cardboard a plastic look. Rounded corners improve handling and give the material a noble touch. Special gluing machines are used to produce folding boxes in many different shapes and sizes. We also have modern window gluing machines for coloured fine cardboard. With the help of our printing machines, we apply your special design to the material. This can be motifs and texts of the most diverse kind. There are various possibilities for placement. The folding box can be printed with pictures and texts all around or only on certain parts, for example on the sides, the lid or the bottom. If desired, printing on both sides is also possible.

Attractive folding boxes made of solid-coloured natural cardboard: Gift boxes with loop

Increase the value of your gifts with our elegant folding boxes made from solid-coloured natural cardboard. As well as being environmentally friendly, our loop gift boxes are available in a range of designs and colours, making them an ideal choice for any gift wrapping. Each folding box is carefully designed and crafted to enhance the charm and elegance of your gifts. Whether you prefer a minimalist black and white palette or are looking for a bolder hue, our selection of folding boxes offers a variety of options to suit your personal style and preferences. Go for solid-coloured natural cardstock to give your gifts an authentic, high-quality look.

Sturdy coloured boxes made from solid-coloured natural cardboard

The sturdy coloured boxes made of solid-coloured natural cardboard from Ebro Color combine functionality with aesthetics. The outside is made of fully dyed recycled cardboard, which convinces with bright colours and a pleasant feel. This cardboard is laminated onto a brown corrugated cardboard, which provides additional stability. While the outside shines in the colour of your choice, the inside/bottom is a natural shade of brown. Of course, the sturdy coloured boxes can also be printed or refined as desired.

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