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Packaging waste is a major problem in our world. Plastic wrappers in particular are difficult to recycle and take generations to degrade in the wild. Compostable packaging is an alternative that more and more companies are turning to. It can simply be added to organic waste and decomposes in such a way that no residue remains. You can get compostable packaging for food and many other products from us directly from the manufacturer.

Compostable packaging: the simple solution for food


Whoever wants to separate waste properly has to be mindful. Normal cardboard boxes have no place in organic waste, and the same applies to food scraps and waste paper. With compostable packaging, you make it much easier for your customers to pay attention to waste separation from now on. Compostable packaging solutions are ideal for food, but also for many other products when waste is to be avoided particularly effectively.

Conventional organic material can be decomposed at the same time as compostable packaging. Compost can ultimately be used to recultivate soils, but is also suitable for making potting soil. Compost also serves as a complete fertiliser under favourable conditions. With compostable packaging, you not only avoid waste, you also contribute to a higher recycling rate and thus to a better environment.

Compostable packaging from the manufacturer in your desired format


As a manufacturer of packaging solutions and a specialist in printing on cardboard boxes, we are your partner for customised compostable packaging. With us, you implement your ideas exactly and thus receive first-hand quality. We produce high order quantities in the shortest possible time and thus offer the ideal prerequisite for professional logistics.

With our all-round service, we strive for the highest level of satisfaction among our customers. The production of your compostable packaging is therefore always carried out in close coordination with our team. We always implement format and material requests as well as your design ideas directly. By doing without additional dealers and producers, you can also rely on favourable prices and precise work. Short transport routes also protect the environment and save money.

Compostable packaging with satisfaction guarantee

Our claim is to offer our customers only the best quality. Therefore, our cardboard boxes from domestic production are not standard solutions, but always adapt to your wishes. Contact us so that we can put your ideas into practice.

Since we do not want to make you any false promises, you can convince yourself of our quality standard at any time in advance. For this purpose, we will send you a free and non-binding sample of our compostable packaging.

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