Cosmetic boxes: We make packaging a success factor

Nobody likes to admit it, but we all react in a similar way: the outside is usually more important to us than the so-called "inner values". This is human nature, which also determines our buying behaviour. If we don't like a product, we pass it by carelessly in the shop - no matter how high-quality the content may be. Take advantage of this human peculiarity and increase your sales figures with great cardboard boxes from EBRO COLOR.

The design of folding boxes: Often more important than the content

In our society, packaging design is of utmost importance. It is the design that makes your product stand out from the mass of competing products on the shelf. Through shape and design, boxes immediately catch the eye at the POS. And they have to, because visual effects are indispensable to encourage consumers to buy. The surface design of folding boxes is even more decisive than their haptics, because it is only in the second step that consumers reach for the product they like. Beautifully printed cosmetics boxes offer strong visual incentives and thus fulfil their most important task: turning prospective buyers into purchasers.

Cosmetics boxes: Fascinating techniques allow variety

Of course, the shape of the packaging also plays a role. The classic blister box makes shoplifting more difficult. The triangular box is very eye-catching due to its unusual triangular shape and is ideal for displays. The carry handle box is ideal as packaging for unusual gifts and elicits shouts of enthusiasm. However, the most widely used box in the cosmetics and confectionery sector is the tuck-flap box. Its production is light and inexpensive, its handling is simple and it can be printed on all sides. Pack creams of all kinds, mascara and lotions in it. EBRO COLOR prints your packaging as desired with brilliant colours and turns simple folding boxes into strong-selling premium packaging.

Carton boxes for consumer cosmetics

Not only fine perfumes, but also cosmetics for everyday use need appealing packaging solutions. Strong packaging is essential so that you can bring your toothpaste tube home safely. Your toothpaste, for example, is in good hands in EBRO COLOR's sturdy cardboard boxes. Of course, the appearance of folding boxes for toothpastes also plays a role. At the same time, the legislator prescribes a lot of information that goes beyond the manufacturer's logo. With this abundance of text, it is not at all easy to create a design that outshines the competition. That's why the colour has to be right. Both for the quality of the colours and the packaging, the specialists at EBRO COLOR put all their skills to work.

Refined folding cartons: We like to take a closer look


In addition to expressive colours, take advantage of EBRO COLOR's special finishing techniques. For toothpaste, shiny metallic colours are very effective. Foil laminations are ideal for marketing ampoules and essences in small packaging units. The cartons suggest more fullness and at the same time increase the intangible value of the cosmetic product. Strong visual appeal also comes from letterpress and gravure embossing. All of these finishing techniques are available from EBRO COLOR to increase the attention for your carton boxes.

Do you want to present your cosmetic boxes to the trade quickly? We at EBRO COLOR are known for our short delivery times. Despite speed, our top priority remains the quality of the boxes. You see and feel that.

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