Practical dishwasher tabs

Whoever has a dishwasher at home and likes to feed it with compact dishwasher tabs before starting it, loves it practical and effective. No fiddling around, no awkward dosing of liquid dishwasher detergent, no annoying sticking of bottles and canisters. A single movement is all it takes to place the dishwasher tabs in the designated compartment, and glasses, plates and cutlery then come out of the dishwasher clean and streak-free.


Uncomplicated boxes for your dishwasher tabs


As practical and easy to handle as these pre-portioned tabs are for the consumer, the accompanying packaging should also be practical and handy. We offer you suitable dishwasher tab boxes for your product made of sturdy cardboard, an uncomplicated material of natural origin that is very shock-resistant and does not immediately sag even when damp. So if a little water from the dishwasher should drip into the box, our boxes will continue to cut a fine figure.

Folding boxes in all sizes

We can supply you with dishwasher tab boxes in any size you require. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for - regardless of whether you need a mini pack for a single household or for a high-quality organic product, or a maxi pack for offices and large families. Our telephone advice service is always there to help you determine the appropriate dimensions for your goods. You can order our folding boxes either in neutral white or printed. As far as the visual design of the boxes is concerned, there are countless possibilities open to you, as our cardboard boxes can be printed all around. This way, your product can be made unique and accordingly recognisable to the consumer.

Test the boxes first, then buy

You are welcome to test a sample "of your" folding boxes free of charge before you decide on a final order. This way we make sure that you are really satisfied. If you send us the desired dimensions of your cardboard boxes, we will send you a box sample free of charge. You can get individually designed folding boxes from us for as little as 100 pieces.

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