Dog food stylishly packaged - because the eye eats with you

Humans are visual creatures - that's no secret. It is no different with his best friend, the dog. For him, too, the eye eats with him. No wonder his stomach growls a little louder when he sees stylish dog food boxes. All the more reason for our packaging experts at Ebro Color to create appealing cardboard boxes for dog snacks and treats - to suit the tastes of pet and master.

Dog food boxes with wow effect - from simple to extravagant


When it comes to design, the choice is yours. If you like it simple and restrained, our discreet white boxes are the right choice. But of course our boxes are also made for more elaborate designs. Whether with atmospheric colour accents, cute dog pictures or attractive product illustrations - we are happy to print our high-quality folding boxes according to your personal ideas. Do you want that certain something for your box? If you wish, we can also enhance your boxes with special finishing effects. How about elegant matt and gloss effects? What do you think of sophisticated embossing and deep embossing? Or how would you like folding boxes with metallic elements? Innovative hot foil stamping makes the shiny highlights possible.

And best of all: the finishing techniques don't just look good. They also offer the cardboard boxes additional protection. So the treats and dog snacks are packaged even better.

By the way: What do you say to a cardboard box in a trendy natural look? The natural look gives the customer the feeling that he is holding a high-quality and healthy product in his hands. This food is definitely good for his best friend.

Sturdy folding boxes from Ebro Color - delivered in no time


Quality is a special concern for us. That's why we pay all the more attention to the highest quality standards in the production of your folding cartons. The dog food is in good hands in our high-quality fine cardboard. The treats and snacks stay crisp and fresh for longer - much to the delight of your furry favourite at home.

In addition to the excellent product quality of our boxes, we at Ebro Color have another great strength: our fast delivery times. Within Germany, we will deliver your dog food boxes to you in just a few days.

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