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The e-cigarette is experiencing a revolution. The small stimulant has long since become part of our everyday life. Whether elegantly in the handbag, sportily in the backpack or casually in the trouser pocket - never again without the aromatic vapour. We at Ebro Color also give the modern cigarette a place in our range. To be more precise: we give it a safe home. In our sturdy, customisable e-liquid packets, the pleasure stays with us even longer.

E cigarette packets to fall in love with


Whether in the morning before work, during lunch break or in the evening in front of the cocktail bar - the e-cigarette is our daily companion. That's why we attach all the more importance to solid packaging. It should be stable and durable. But that's not enough for us: it should also look good. At Ebro Color, we bring function and style together in one package.

For style-conscious minimalists, we design our timeless e-cigarette boxes from white cardboard. Small selected highlights such as foils, embossing or metallic accents spice up the discreet cardboard packaging. Those who like to make an even bigger impression with their e-cigarette box can opt for our colourfully printed folding cartons. Intense colours such as an invigorating blue, a rich green or a cheerful orange attract all eyes. The same can be said of our multi-coloured boxes. A fresh colour mix of red, yellow, blue or purple is always welcome.

When it comes to the details, feel free to let off steam. Decorate your folding boxes with original slogans, appealing company logos, decorative patterns or funny prints. Let your creativity run wild and create boxes to fall in love with.

E-Liquid boxes with a distinctive touch

What would the e-cigarette be without its aromatic liquids? But where do the e-liquid sets go? Ebro Color knows where - in our exquisite e-liquid boxes. The sophisticated folding boxes hold the e-liquid sets stylishly and safely. Everything stays where it belongs. And what's more: our e-liquid boxes even think about the environment. The folding cardboard boxes are more sustainable than their plastic counterparts. So we at Ebro Color are not only thinking about your moment of enjoyment, but also about the environment.

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